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    Red and Blue line swapping

    Starting a guardian for the first time and wondering how viable red line DPS is for smaller instances and dungeons in a group setting. I mainly run as a tank on most games, but would like to DPS every now and then to mix it up a bit. I'm sure I will be asked to run blue line in raids and such, which is fine, but will I be welcome in a group as a red line for 3 or 6 man instances. This is going to be a legendary server character as well if that makes an difference.

    Also, whenever Moria goes live on the legendary servers, I assume I will be keeping two sets of legendary weapons up to date? I have played this game off and on since it was released and only barely got into Moria. I have all the xpacs but I have a bad alt character addiction. I'm hoping I can bust through with my new guardian.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Only time a Guardian will get accepted in random groups as a DPS is in T1 instances, where you don't really need a tank, so you can get away with occasionally being in Red line.

    However, Guardians were designed from the ground up to be the designated meat shields with Red tree being sorta crammed in there just so you can pass landscape.

    If a group does have a tank already, and they invite you, you could be in DPS role, but don't hold your breath, because group potential as a DPS just isn't there, you'll probably be turned down with a reply saying "Already have a tank, sorry".



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