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    Might or ICPR as LI passive on blue champ?

    I am making LI weapon for blue traited champion and now there are doubts regarding passive on 2H sword.
    Around 250 might is not a lot, but on the other hand 7400 ICPR looks like a lot for power hungry blue champ.

    What are your opinions?

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    Blue champion doesn't consume much power and Dire Need is useless anyway. Just go with ICPR and forgot about Second Wind. 250 might is nothing.

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    Agree that Dire need even traited and with legacies heals marginal proportion of heal because of huge discrepancy between power and morale pool.
    Also, might - don't have any player above 105 but with items giving 1500-2000 might at lvl 120 one can only assume 250 is fraction of the percent of impact on might.
    I think it is better to sit on some power regen, as Second wind not only consumes 5 fervour, it also replenishes, how much quarter of power and it is costly to upgrade traits in Second wind.

    Anyway, all passives, even morale - crit - might trio nowadays look pure meh.

    Any other opinions?

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    I would say, ICPR, Morale, and Crit might be the best combo. But as soon as you get ICPR + Morale/Vit that is fine IMHO. My tanking 2h is ICPR, Vit, Agi and I don't want to spend more time to find smth better because it will be VERY little upgrade. I can post my build here if you want, btw.

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    Thank you for clarifying my doubts.

    While you are here, I would like to know your tanking LI legacies please - weapon and rune.

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    Well, you don't have much choice of legacies, and if you already go with 2h in DPS, you can probably keep it for tanking too. I go dual-wielding in DPS, so I made a separate 2h. On rune yuo can see Dire need cooldown, though I didn't trait it, so it can be swapped for Vitality.
    For build itself, I've taken Brutal Strikes as the only viable single target finisher. AOE targets and Finesse is a must from Yellow Line and Raging Blades too. You can remove points from Blade of Courage and put them to Barbed Wall also.

    Telliol, Champion of Laurelin.



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