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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 86

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    Oh food? I am en elf, so wine, Dorwinion Red. Beyond that, I am enjoying Ered Mithrin, such a marevlous jewel

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    What do you think is the most consumed food item in Middle-earth?

    Dale-men's Crams - although they also may be the most thrown out food items at the same time
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    Probably crams. I still wish Dale had the cram factory.

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    Crams both most eaten and most tossed

    2nd though are the deed foods - Lembas is probably right up there, useful in landscape and good for the deed

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    Weekly Question

    Mushrooms, of course. What else could it be?
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    Fried Mushrooms!

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    While Elves drink wine, Hobbits eat pies and all kinds of processed taters (enhanced with a lot of other things), Men have their roasted boar and bread, and dwarves of course their beer; Orcs always eat meat. Walk into an orc camp, what do you see? Cauldrons full of meat of a doubtful provenience, and more lying on the ground. It seems, as if they know only one recipe to prepare food, that will be applied to anything that looks remotely edible. If you consider the numbers of orcs that are milling around in Middle-Earth, and that they all need to be fed, there can be no mistake: The prevalent food there is meat.

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    Taters, Prescious!
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    Thumbs up What do you think is the most consumed food item in Middle-earth?


    Because seeing all those many different fish waters, fish species, fishermen, fish taxidermists, fishing pole manufacturers, fishing trophies, Sméagollums, fish dishes, fish receipts etc. in Middle-earth ... it can ONLY be fish ...

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    What do you think is the most consumed food item in Middle-earth?

    For Beornfree, her homemade honey cakes.
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    The cuts of meat used to feed Lore-masters' feline companions. Best steaks in Middle-earth!

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    "What do you think is the most consumed food item in Middle-earth?"

    Player heroes, most likely. How else can you explain the corpses
    vanishing? It is quite simple: Enemies attack you, kill you and
    eat you! Logic at its finest :-).

    Did you die by any other means? Scavengers do like a bit of
    rotting flesh to fill their stomachs. And don't forget the
    always eager npc, who quite probably uses the
    cheap meat for things like pies, stews and
    other miscellaneous treats.

    Hero soup, anyone?
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    Lembas! The perfect food for wanderers
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    It's not Daleman's #### ...err Cram.

    Probably Lembas.

    Dale-man's Cram, the most regifted (tossed!) Hobbit Gift.

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    I'm going with dale men's cram. Everybody gets it for free, so unless you hate freebies and/or want to support crafting, you will eat that. (I usually toss it, though).
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    Dale-men's Crams, no doubt!

    Sergio :-)
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    Here at Gramsfoot we find slug meat very delicious.

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    Dale men's crams of course

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    I think the thing that is most eaten is...


    It is eaten by anybody who claims to know 1) anything about Lord of the Rings lore and hasn't spent years as a Tolkien scholar, 2) optimal class setups and dares to vary from the setup used by a hardcore raider, or 3) how to "best play the game" by expressing a positive attitude towards the grind, the store, or role-playing (other than on Landy or Laurelin).
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    What do you think is the most consumed food item in Middle-earth?

    As prosaic as it may be, I honestly think that the most commonly consumed food in Middle Earth is that which occurs naturally, i.e. nuts and berries. (Which is not to say that a a well-placed arrow couldn't bring down some meat on occasion. )

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    I have to agree that Dale-men's crams, as dry and tasteless as they may be, are probably the most-consumed food. They come in handy, but really I am hungry again so soon.
    And a big lol to the "most thrown-away" as well.

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    I'm an Elf but when i met my friend Bingo and then the Hobbits, i like those Cookies!! so Cookies of Hobbits!!


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