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    @Zipfile - Please :-)

    I am a long time player (off and on for 11 years) who still finds himself with a lot to learn. I have always played Guardian (highest level character is now 74...lol). I play primarily for the love of Middle Earth, the story and the beauty of the game. I have great respect for those who take the time to provide guides and information on making characters better.....characters :-) Zonflux, Oelle and you (as well as others I am sure I am forgetting) have done so much to help guardians and it is very much appreciated. I have read your posts regarding red line skills and I have read Zonflux's guide. I have a Dwarven guardian (lvl 74) I am running red line sword and board as well as blue line tank. I am also working on an Elven guardian (lvl 60) which I am going with 2-hand sword or sword and shield. I am curious what builds you prefer for solo play? Are they similar to what is in Zonflux's guide? What Virtues do you use? This would be for solo / landscape leveling play mostly. Thank you in advance for any thoughts!

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    While most of my experience is at cap and I cannot really speak for mid-levels, I feel like similar knowledge can apply, at least in trait lines.

    If you want the old Red Guardian feel (mediocre AOE/pitiful ST DPS with a ton of self-healing), run yellow line with max Radiate and only spam AOE skills, you can proc the self-heal multiple times in a single skill and rely completely on Flash of Light damage to kill the enemies. Only problem arises when you have a single enemy left which might take some time to bring down. Also, re-marking after you kill an enemy might be a bit of a sore, but you get used to it.
    As for red line....well....just spam bleed skills basically, nothing really much to it IMO, and make sure to use Overwhelm properly.

    As for virtues, I tend to run mitigations/morale, so mainly look for those. Innocence, Valour, Zeal, Discipline/Tolerance, Fidelity/Compassion are my primaries.
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    Thank you very much! :-)



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