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Thread: If VIP expires

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    If VIP expires

    Hi everyone!

    So I am interested in playing again, and legendary seems awesome. However, I would only have enough money to pay for one-three months.
    My question is, what happens to your legendary characters when VIP expires?
    A warden of Lothlorien meets up a with a rune keeper from Lindon and a friendship is sparked. An elf hunter from Mirkwood finds a minstrel mourning the loss of Edhellen. A captain of Rohan rides to Bree and comes across a burned farm, the only survivor a young woman who'd defended herself with a rusted sword and axe. Thus many adventures begin.

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    I don't see any indication that it will be much different from the other servers. The characters will remain in place, but you will not be able to access them until you start up the subscription again.

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    You will not be able to access the server and your characters if you're not VIP, but the moment you resubscribe again you will immediately be given access to them. It works like most other subscribtion services out there.

    I hope that helps!

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    Wait... I have a Lifetime VIP.

    I will be "ever green" and never die until the worlds end...

    I'm an elf!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO


    Thradin Stoneshield, Dwarf of a Beta-founded Dwarf only Kinship, Baruk Khazad

    My children and theirs will feel the shame of my elf-ness :P
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