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    LAURELIN - DUEL TOURNAMENT EVENT - REWARD: Max lvl first age weapon token


    OOC COMMERCIAL VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K3RH0wq3jA

    Its a Duel Tournament event.You have to create a lvl 10 man guardian for to join or you can come as a spectator.All races are welcome as long as you have a reason to be in Gondorian region.


    1-Class: Only Guardians allowed.

    2-Lvl: 10

    3-Race: Only Man

    4-Any kind of buffs are forbidden (No virues - No Food buff - No Scroll buff)

    5-Only given gear will be used for a fair fight.(We will provide all of your gear , free )

    6-You can use any kind of cosmetics in a proper rp style.

    7-Duels will be ingame duel system.

    8-Weapons: Sword and Shield.

    9-No bows allowed.

    10-Please send ingame mail to Maxem with your tournament character name before the event date.

    11-Even free to play accounts can join without any limitations.

    12-You can use your 2 class skill points anything you like.

    PLACE: Belfalas Homesteads / Galadhraw / Tol Lochul island

    TIME: 25th November - 13.00 Pm Server time (You can learn servertime with ./servertime in game command)

    PRICE: Max lvl first age legendary weapon token.

    SUMMARY: Its a special tournament for the citizens of Gondor to entertain them.You see the posters of it in your region.

    OOC COMMERCIAL VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K3RH0wq3jA
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