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    High-Elf Surnames

    Did High Elves have surnames back in the 1st and 2nd ages? Or house names?
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    i understand you want to follow the lore n maybe RP, so......
    Elves r having house names with the name of their greater ancestor
    examples r House of Finarfin, House of Elrond, House of Celebribor
    talking always about the minors as members of the House...
    example : Elborond of the House of Finwe
    the lords r starting their own house
    you will never hear a surname of Galadriel, Celebribor or their son in law Elrond
    but you may use any nickname you like especially those that mean something crafty or wary
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    Elves don't have surnames, no one in Middle-earth does as far as i know except The hobbits and bree folks, others just have titles they use or of a house.
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    Tolkien wrote an essay on the 'Laws and Customs Among the Eldar' (published in 'Morgoth's Ring', Volume X of the History of Middle-earth). A brief summary: the Noldor were given their first, permanent name by their fathers; but when they became fully facile with language (a facility particularly strong among the Noldor), they would choose their own personal and private (but not secret; kind of similar to how many of us feel our middle names are private information, perhaps) 'chosen names'. But wait, there's more. Besides the official father-name, and chosen names, there might also be a 'mother name', often a name of special insight granted the mother in the hour of birth or on some other occasion. He cites the case of Finwe's son, whose first father-name was 'Finwion'; but when his talent became apparent, this was modified to 'Curufinwe'. But the name of insight that his mother gave him in the hour of his birth was 'Feanáro' ('spirit of fire'). And of course, there were also other given or added names. The essay also cites Elwe, who became widely known by the added name 'Sindicollo', or 'greycloak', or in Sindarin, Thingol. Elu-Thingol was the right title in his own realm.

    In practice, if you are naming a high-elf character, this means pretty much that you can use any names you like. Family names would only be represented by patronymics like "Finwion" for 'Son of Finwe'.



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