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    Make Updating War Steeds a Priority Please.

    I suppose legendary servers are a way to encourage more people to play LOTRO (always a good thing), but could the devs please realize that war steeds need some serious work? It's ludicrous for my characters with over 100K health and offensive capabilities that lets me easily solo content from the past to get knocked off my steed by a single crit from a mob.

    It disappointing because when war steeds were announced, they were a feature that set LOTRO apart, with the promise of scalability akin to legendary weapons. They've been stuck at the same cap for years, and the stats are mournfully behind player character stats.

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    I agree. Apparently war steeds were to allow one to fight while mounted. Such is not the case. I have 2 war steeds and can't evade, fight,parry on either. Please update the war steeds. And make them how they were intended. For war.

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    I can get behind this completely. I love mounted combat, and have the patience to level up my mount to make it a smoother experience, but the war-steeds don't perform well at all past Dol Amroth.

    I'm sure this isn't a priority, but with how much people complain about mounted combat... I bet an update to it would make it interesting again.
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    Sadly once you get past Rohan. The only use for your war steed is for fast travel.


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    I think simply updating War Steed health and armour would already be enough to make them somewhat viable again.



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