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    Lightbulb 3 Things We Asked for 'in Beta', Hoping to See Them Finally Resolved

    It's been so many years since our long awaited LotRO went live, and our lives are immersed in this wonderful, rich world. I know it's not going to change the fate of the world we live in, but in the scheme of this in Beta, they got lost. It's 3 small requests overlooked all this time; but can you please try to put them in now? It's the little things that add up, even if they seem small, and a bit petty.

    Firstly, we asked in Beta, that since the UI has a feature to display "My Character's Name", that it actually stayed that way if checked to display it. You give us titles to proudly wear over our heads, but WE can't see them. You check the box in Options, to show My Character's Name, but the next time to log in...you have to do it over and over. It's checked, but not working. With any and all characters you have. It's also nice to know (for us with multiple friends on multiple servers) exactly who you're playing on lol. Can you please make if it's checked, to STAY checked?

    Secondly, You give us control over Quick Slots and we appreciate them greatly, but stuck the casting/channeling bar smack-dab in the middle of it. You can't cast through the bar, you can't move it out of the way(

    Lastly, while we are talking about things in the way, those of us with pets/allies, when doing escort quests or are in a group, our Ally's Portrait is over/under our escort's! Try to sort Assist in an instance, hmm? Nope, you can't split the Escort target from your Ally's. They overlap. You can't move it out of the way.

    Well, there we have it. 3 things since Beta that never got addressed in the overwhelming rush to get the game done on time, and done well. What do you say SSG, may we please finally have these done?

    *goes back to reading a book under a tree, in the Shire* (Seems someone's done this before....)

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    #1- name issue, this looks to be a bug, we'll have the team take a look.

    #2- casting/channeling bar, you can move all sorts of UI elements around in game by hitting the ctrl key and \ key at the same time. It should show you all the elements you can move. This should apply to your #3 issue as well about escort vitals and pet vitals. If I'm misunderstanding the issue please let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSG_RedPanda View Post
    #1- name issue, this looks to be a bug, we'll have the team take a look.
    The "Floaty Name" display has always been tied to the "N" keyboard toggle.

    When you first login, you cannot see your name. Type "N" and the "Floaty names" all go away. -- "Floaty names are now OFF."

    Type "N" again and they return, including your own name and title! -- "Floaty names are now ON."

    And yes, it has been that way since the Beta!
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    You have been playing this game for 11 years and didn't know you can move the UI around or that you can display your own name/title??
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