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    Question Roleplaying a Hobbit on Laurelin


    Are there locations / groups where people actually roleplay as hobbits on Laurelin?

    This is my first experience with roleplaying in Lotro, and I was so excited! I carefully read the roleplaying rules, wrote a bio, followed suggestions. Got to the Shire, and it's totally dead. Not just dead but almost anti-roleplaying. The rare people I see and try to interact with aren't roleplaying at all, thundering around on war-steeds, running over PCs and NPCs, ignoring /say and emotes. The best roleplay I've ever had since joining Laurelin was seeing a roleplaying (white name/title) hobbit who /waved when I /waved. Then he dashed off on his war-steed.

    I searched for roleplaying kinships to join- all of the ones that were appropriate to me are dead kinships.

    I joined the discord server for Laurelin Roleplay, and went to the Harnkegger Games, but there wasn't really roleplaying going on, just /emotes and the organized games.

    Looking at the forums here, and reading posts in Laurelin Roleplay Discord group, it seems there is actual roleplaying that goes on, but it's down in Gondor and Rohan- not the place a level 16 farmer Hobbit would be, if I could even get there.

    Thus I'm asking, does anyone roleplay Hobbits? Not meaning level 120 Hunter Hobbits who roleplay in Gondor/Mordor/Dale, but more lore-based Shire Hobbits.

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    There is a fair bit of hobbit RP in the Shire on Laurelin, although not as much as back when the game launched. Additionally, much of it is set in the EU evenings, so if you visit at other times, you might not see much.

    The Shire is a bit challenging RP-wise because the area is huge and the hubs are widespread, so it is easy to miss those hobbits who are roleplaying. Hence, much hobbit RP either happens at events or is based within kinships. In the Shire, there are inn nights (including Green Dragon Friday tonight), markets, parties, fishing contests, etc. Even if those events are not your cup of tea, they can work as the starting point for more smaller-scale roleplaying elsewhere.

    Some sources to check out for events:
    The local "newspaper", the Bramblebury Gazette: http://www.brambleburygazette.com/
    My own calendar of hobbit events over on my biscuity burrow: https://www.linawillow.org/home/

    For hobbit kinships, the longest-running is the Grand Order: http://www.lostmathom.org/

    As for a Laurelin RP discord, there are several of those around. I share some hobbit event news in the one discussed here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...n-Role-Players
    Lina Willowwood, biscuit-eating bard on Laurelin
    Hobbit RP? Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    Songs + videos on me biscuity burrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linawillow View Post
    There is a fair bit of hobbit RP in the Shire ... Some sources to check out for events: ... I share some hobbit event news in the one discussed here: ...
    These resources were all new to me! Thank you so much!



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