Since U23 came out with the passive LoE between lvls 116 and 120, there has been a bug where sometimes you find you have Shadow of Mordor suddenly appear on your character. This happened to my hunter, Percephany, on Crickhollow 2x this evening. the first time was at roughly 10:30pm PT when I hit level 117 in Defense of Minis Tirith. I didn't notice until I was fighting the big Olog twins and got hammered by them.
After that I relogged and it was gone. So Hubby and I continued to do Epic Battles for stuff we need for our LIs. ok so we ran Hammer of the Underworld, Deeping Wall, and Hornburg to round out the last hour and a half until reset. Then ran Pel again. No issues at all through any of these instances since Def of MT.

Low and behold I ding right after the first event in Def. of MT and yet again there is that pesky Shadow of Mordor.

Is there a possibility that the source of this bug is somewhere in the passive LoE coding? I don't mind relogging after epic battles to get rid of the debuff. But Shadow of Mordor shouldn't be involved in Epic Battles since it was in the game b4 Mordor was even on the drawing board.

This seems to be fairly consistent. If you ding a level and are going from 116-120 while in epic battles (can't verify for any other instance) this occurs.

Please see if there is something to fix this pesky bugger. Thanks again for your time and effort to keep us playing.