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    Epic Battles and SHadow of Mordor

    Since U23 came out with the passive LoE between lvls 116 and 120, there has been a bug where sometimes you find you have Shadow of Mordor suddenly appear on your character. This happened to my hunter, Percephany, on Crickhollow 2x this evening. the first time was at roughly 10:30pm PT when I hit level 117 in Defense of Minis Tirith. I didn't notice until I was fighting the big Olog twins and got hammered by them.
    After that I relogged and it was gone. So Hubby and I continued to do Epic Battles for stuff we need for our LIs. ok so we ran Hammer of the Underworld, Deeping Wall, and Hornburg to round out the last hour and a half until reset. Then ran Pel again. No issues at all through any of these instances since Def of MT.

    Low and behold I ding right after the first event in Def. of MT and yet again there is that pesky Shadow of Mordor.

    Is there a possibility that the source of this bug is somewhere in the passive LoE coding? I don't mind relogging after epic battles to get rid of the debuff. But Shadow of Mordor shouldn't be involved in Epic Battles since it was in the game b4 Mordor was even on the drawing board.

    This seems to be fairly consistent. If you ding a level and are going from 116-120 while in epic battles (can't verify for any other instance) this occurs.

    Please see if there is something to fix this pesky bugger. Thanks again for your time and effort to keep us playing.

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    I had something similar today during Hornburg BB. My champ is 120. Finally decided to finish this epic chain. Yesterday done Deeping Coomb then Glittering Caverns with no problem. Today was time for Hornburg. I had dc during the battle and 2 freezes which needed restart of the game ( never happened before during any BB). After I came back I had Shadow of Mordor debuff on me. Most funny thing is I still wear items with 130 light! Still shadow was +100% dmg received, -50% healing. Didn't lvl up during BB or anything like that. Not funny at all. Tried to finish battle anyway but seems quests got bugged (probably because of restart of the game). BB failed. Will try again some other time. But why this Shadow?? BB are lvl 100 lol.

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    I've been experiencing this too, over the last several days, but not quite in the same way.

    Background: my two highest characters have been doing Retaking Pelargir every evening for the last few weeks. They each already had a full set of Mordor jewelry with sufficient LoE, but the items dropped in the battle had much higher values than the Mordor gear -- except, of course, no LoE. So I have the Mordor gear sitting in their packs, waiting for whenever they need to go back to Mordor again, and both characters are wearing the Pelargir items. My LM has been L120 for a while, and my Minstrel was L119 till this evening.

    The Minstrel has been getting Shadow of Mordor cast on her for the last three or four evenings, which makes it difficult for her to fight and to stay alive. The LM hasn't had it happen once.

    The Minstrel made L120 tonight, but she already had Shadow of Mordor on her; it didn't come immediately on after leveling, as AprilDawn reported ... and I've discovered that logging out and back in *sometimes* takes it off, but mostly doesn't.

    I note that even without any Mordor jewelry on, my LM has an LoE of 190 and my Minstrel, of 150.

    My most pertinent questions are, Why is it hitting my Minstrel but not my LM; why does logging out and back in dispel it some times and not others; and chiefly, why in blazes is it dropping in Pelargir?
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