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    Premium to 120 with just landscape? And SSG Removing threads

    I asked if what I noticed was accurate, that it looks like f2p/premium can't get to 120 in the new regions purely based on landscape quests, something that's always been possible until now. Folks said that was the case. I just went back to add something to the thread and the thread's gone (or search is broken, the less likely odds option). I searched on my name and searched on "premium". Nothing.

    Rather than fix problems, it seems that SSG is now trying to actively hide them. Yet they wonder why so many people have dropped from subscription.

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    My Premium Lore-master has been my Main since I came back after a four year break last October 2017. This is over my other (VIP) Account. I was 115 and made it to 120 in about three days. I was using Enhanced XP Supply and Exceptional XP Accelerators (200%). I had banked about 300 Rusted Scimitars for other Characters but decided to turn them in instead with my Lore-master. Between those, four Quest of the Epic Line Book 7, the preliminary Into the Ironfold stuff, Skald's Drop Quests, some Utterby Quests, some Jarnfast Quests, two or three Gray Mountains Quests, and a couple of Gray Mountain Tasks and I was at 120.
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    Thanks, so it's a web site search issue. I couldn't find that one. I'll go to comment there.



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