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    Retaking Pelargir - getting overun faster than I can kill things

    My level 106 hunter is trying to do retaking Pelargir so she can continue on with the Epic. I can't get past the second stage though, where you have to defend the supplies. No matter how fast I kill the mobs (and killing fast is supposed to be my strong point, you know?) I just can't seem to kill them fast enough. I have failed the "Kill the big Sorcerer/Troll" side quest as well even though I start attacking it immediately and lay everything I have into it. Soon after that I get a message that someone else and all his men have joined the battle and that is my kiss of death. They all swarm me en masse, taking down my health so fast I can't stay alive, and next thing I know, everyone's dead and I've failed.

    What's going on? I have a FA imbued bow which I spent all festival piling star-lits on, so it's only 8 away from being maxxed. I'm wearing gear that the quests up until now have given me. I'm using hobbit present scrolls of morale and attack damage, plus food. Not sure what else to do and I really need to finish this or I can't advance the story.

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    Hey there

    You did not mention your EB engineer rank? A rank 3 engineer can move the 4 baracades near the supplies into the gap through which the corsairs are attacking. These combined with your tripwire should stop the position being overrun. Assuming you have already done the 5 Rohan EBs then I guess you should be at least rank 3?

    Those baracades are really the only way to avoid being overrun if you are in there solo. Other option is to grab a partner in LFF channel.

    Happy hunting

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    Also - putting the officer in 2H stance, target priority Sappers, will boost your soldier's damage, and protect the supplies to some degree.

    You can do that straight as the gate opens from Stage 1 - he's standing right there at the top of the stairs. If you switch to officer line just as stage one ends, go through the gate, give him stance/priority orders, the CD to switch back to Engineer should be done - then you're off to mess w/barricades.

    Then drop back occasionally and tell him to speed it along and do more damage.

    Lastly, if you must, cut a few grappling hooks to slow down the volume of incoming mobs.

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    I have noticed the 2nd stage is more hurried nowadays, used to have slower pace. Especially if you get the backs against wall, and doing it solo, the barricade position is easily overrun nomatter what you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adael View Post
    I have noticed the 2nd stage is more hurried nowadays, used to have slower pace. Especially if you get the backs against wall, and doing it solo, the barricade position is easily overrun nomatter what you do.
    I have had that happen too recently when I did it solo. EBs generally are way tougher since U23. Mob HP has increased significantly so the defending soldiers cant kill them as easily as previously. I guess SSG need to give the defending soldiers a bit more of a damage boost.

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    If your current Epic Battle Role has all your ranks in Engineer or Officer, try making your second tab specialized in Vanguard. For me this made the difference- I didn't spend much time farming/leveling epic battles, and Retaking Pelargir was too difficult for me as a low-rank Engineer. Tried it as Vanguard and it was much easier.

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    Failed a few more times tonight but I did make it past the supplies stage and onto the last stage. I can't seem to get past that stage now. Elrohir keeps dying which causes me to fail. This last time I made to the point where the dead starting pushing all the enemies back, but by that point so many of my soldiers had died (and the captain too) that I had about 12 mobs I was kiting. Then Elrohir died again.

    I don't have enough promotion points to do some of what people are suggesting, but I did switch from engineer to Officer. I've been healing my troops whenever possible but it's still not enough by the time I get to the end. I'm not sure what "rank" I am, but I have 50 promotion points spent in the blue line. It's still not enough to make the soldiers go two-handed though.

    The enemies just keep swarming me or Elrohir. I keep dying which gives me a reset from aggro, but then Elrohir gets them all and he just can't take that many enemies. I don't know if there's a way to get the other allies to help him, but directing the soldiers to fight a certain mob with one of my special skills doesn't seem to do anything. They never change targets when I use it.

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    Yeah, running solo, you really need those promotion points in both engineer and officer, swapping at the right times and going straight from objective to objective w/o hesitation (to mean, start w/officer order, straight to cata build/fire) back to the officer, cut some hooks, hit the SQ, cut more hooks, back to officer. It's tough solo, no doubt.

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    At 50 points you are still rank 2, that's practcally nothing. You do have all your points in engineer on one tree tab and all points in officer on the other, right? Not trying to build both in same tab? Granted, there is a cooldown to switch trees and you can't do it when in combat, but you generally should have no issue swapping as needed.
    For me, at 50ish points it was nightmare, at 100 it was way better and now at 240+ it is actually fun (or at least was till u23, did not run any since it launched)



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