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    Fresh leveling build?

    Hi all.

    I played hunter some time ago and I remember that the blue line was the best for leveling becouse of barrage. But it seems like the blue line has been nerfed since I last played, so is the blue line still the best choise for leveling a new hunter (thinking of trying out the new legacy server) or is the red line the best or is there no real difference?


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    Blue's perfectly adequate for landscape/levelling, I would say, tho' it's reported that Red does more dps. It all depends on whether you like to move while shooting, really. You can always run both and see which you prefer.

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    I'd go Blue. I'm a recently returning player (played hunter from vanilla up through Murkwood and various spots after), and I'm running blue on my new hunter and it's great. You'll appreciate the mobility and extra focus, and the damage is plenty for overland content and leveling group content.

    End game you'd probably want to convert over to one of the Red builds. Red has always been the go to line for top DPS for the most part, but it also suffers the most in flexibility and movement. So I tend towards blue for solo and open world stuff, and red for hard group content.

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    Blue is definitely good for soloing. Being able to back off from an angry Orc or two and keep shooting is a godsend.
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