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    Bound to Account/Purchased from Store

    Since these items can no longer be traded, is there a point to maintaining the distinction for items "Purchased from Store?" I ask because I am looking at several stacks of items in my inventory which will not combine solely because some are Bound to Account, and some are Bound to Account/Purchased from Store. It's not a huge deal, but it would be nice to combine the stacks if the reason for distinction is actually gone. This applies most especially to items which appear in Hobbit Gifts (B2A), and also appear as occasional weekly Store giveaways (B2A/PfS).
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    Agree! there are actually quite a few extra stacks of otherwise identical items in my shared storage that would be better stacked. I have had to destroy items I would otherwise keep to make room, dumping the smallest stacks.

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    Yes I run into this as well with managing storage, etc.... sometimes I have FOUR of the same item, a landscape/instance dropped one, a account bound one, a character bound one, and a purchased from store one.....

    I do not know however how easy it is to make the distinction after the fact. It could also be that at some point in the future they might address the ability to transfer store bought things to other players again or whether there is another specific reason to keep them separated as items in their database....

    In any case, /signed.
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    Sergio :-)
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    Yes please to this!
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    Yes, please!

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    I'm pretty sure this has to do with Item Returns or some such nonsense.
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