I get "searching for logon" and then time out. Until a few days ago, I could get as far as char selection screen, but would time out there.

All was well until the patch last Wednesday and then I started to have trouble logging in to some toons on BW. For example, I could not access any toon that was parked in the Galtrev crafting hall. Toons that I could access would get bumped out while taking a stable horse and then I would no longer be able to log in on them.

The last time I could access BW, my friends list was empty and friends could not see me as online in their lists. I could not access World or Fellowship chat.

I can log on to any other server without trouble and everything there will work as it should. I can access BW on a fresh install on a laptop, so internet related problems are probably ruled out. The laptop is too old to play on, unfortunately.

Any ideas why I am having an issue with just one server?