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    Again, more things broken because of playing with gear scalling without testing

    Yes, so i was trying to do Moria epic quest today where you HAVE TO do session play which i hate the most. It is mandatory to go as captain Ori and kill bunch of orcs.
    Orcs are doable even though they hit hard.
    The problem is Mazog at the end of instance after 15 minutes of struggling with dorf skills and killing 100 orcs.
    Finally, you reach the end just to get wiped in couple of seconds.
    I guess everyone forgot to boost session play after boosting gear 3x and mobs dps ?
    Captain Ori have 22k morale, he receives single hits from 700 to 2300 from Mazog. I shot him with 200-1000 dps and he got 56k morale. YOu cant even kite him because he runs faster. You know how it ends. Tried two times and have enough.
    This is just stupid, either it is extremely easy or impossible hard. Why cant it be just hard but doable ?
    Anyway, i guess someone forgot again, to boost session play chars after boosting gear and mobs dps for normal play.

    I am writing here because maybe by any chance someone from devs will finally see it and FIX IT! because "help" in game is ridiculous, they answer after 10h and usually just shoot templated text at you "we cant help you because you are not in the game" or "write bug report on sgg site and f off" LOL this is so ridiculous. What is the purpose of that help anyway? they never help just always use templates.

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    Sessionplay should be adressed in today's patch, see https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...70#post7885870



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