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    2018 House Compilation The Empire of Valainantiel Overlord of Noldor and her Luminous Ladies

    2018 Edition Images&Videos. For further questions please contact Valainantiel or Faewrien Within Landroval server {US-RE}

    Thank kindy and please do enjoy,Vanya Sulie Mellyn.

    Ex-Kinship Premium Cape of Belfalas House. Originally owned by Vanyalanthiriell {Champion} She is not the leader anyone. The house will be purchased once more in Mid February 2019 by Valainantilel High Queen of the Noldor. The house will be almost identical replicated with every decoration and perhaps similar position.


    2 Silver Street Norhador Cape of Belfalas

    1 Cape Road Norhador Cape of Belfalas

    2 Bay Road Amon Hathol,Cape of Belfalas

    1 Twinfall Path Falathlorn Homesteads

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    Part II ~ Temporarily house ,most probably for now. Owned by Canawinfiwel Commander of Calaquende forces. The princess and High Queen shall have Best luxurious house available and eventually Kinship island which will be owned only by High Queen. Every single Island is taken and my kinship shall reach Rank 7 in 3 Months and 15 days approximately ~

    2 Bay Road Amon Hathol{Video} Unfinished.

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    I will dig deep through my YT channel and find more videos if possible. I have hundreds left, it will be enough of the images for today.

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    I found the older videos {January/February 2018} I used to own Kinship house on my Lore-Master originally.

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    Special First Premium house owned by Vanyalanthiriel {Hunter} 2017 Honourable mention. One day I might purchase 5 Cape Road which is possibly the most appropriate Luxurious spot.

    That is all for now!! Thanks in advance!

    Every single item was either collected,purchased and obtained by me only. Nobody ever aided me nor gave me anything. Nothing was ever given for free. I acquired everything you see. Be that Store money,in game currency. All earned by myself. It took months of grinding,questing,progressing and so on..Patience is your best defence.You must be driven by the fire of your own heart and if you truly love nothing will be hard.

    There are more to come. The Island eluded my grasp for now ,only matter of time. Ironically several days ago I had Mithirl and the spot was perfect,but My kinship was rank 4. The next thread will be posted in 6-8 months.

    Founder,Creator,Hiril, Enyalien Velriande,Valainantiel Valauthiel the Valiant, High Queen of the Noldor. The Empire shall only be expanded furthermore.

    Vanya Sulie
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    That's an extensive collection of screenshots, and an impressive display of work. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Sure enjoyed looking at your pictures. Very nice indeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    That's an extensive collection of screenshots, and an impressive display of work. Thanks for sharing it.
    Quote Originally Posted by DuncanMcDermott View Post
    Sure enjoyed looking at your pictures. Very nice indeed!
    Thank you kindly!! It was a monumental effort in rather short period of time for one person. (: I will create another thread in approximately 1 year which will include Kinship island with additional items, characters and so on.. It might be eventually even larger and furthermore expanded. Sometimes It took me several minutes to capture one image,honestly! I always attempted my best!

    I have a massive amount of work to do until November 2019. The amount of items needed will be staggering,but nothing impossible surely. Hopefully I will get an Island and then I will do a full video of multiple Belfalas homes and the Falathlorn Homesteads as well. Perhaps a kinship tour. Time will tell.

    Twas my pleasure!

    P.S. Full year is an incredible amount of time for a determined soul. One can do wonders in 365 days! Stay tuned from "Greater Empire" in 2019! ( : Never give up even if you have to go against the odds.

    I started from virtually nothing. with tiniest house possible and level 1 Captain/champion from scratch! Step by Step you will rise up. I could barely purchase cheapest common house or afford repair bills back in 2007 for instance. Good /Great things shan't come easily nor without risks. I had to sacrifice a lot. It takes time, massive effort,dedication, extensive knowledge,patience,countless triumphs and failures and mostly importantly Fire within thy heart. Your spirit burns as flame. If you truly do love the game , you won't feel the "burden" at all.

    May the leaves of your life never turn brown.
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