First of all, thanks to everyone who replied to my LI thread -- I now have four imbued first age 100s in progress and am pretty satisfied with where I ended up so far. I still need to sort out the relics, however.

I just hit 115 though and am starting to plan ahead for 120 and I'm a bit lost with how to approach gearing. I plan to crack a set of Fine Mathom Hunters boxes when I hit 120, so that should give me a reasonable set of armor to build off of. My jewelry is still level 100 stuff with random essences though, so that clearly needs to be replaced along with my shield and my cloak. I've been playing in a completionist fashion so far, so I'm not even half way through Gondor.

I'm going to focus on preparing a DPS set first and then work on a tanking set later, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

For DPS, I'm guessing that I'll be wanting to focus on Physical Mastery, Critical Rating and Finesse. The problem is that I'm not really sure how to prioritize each one and what the right balance is given various stages of diminishing returns.

Beyond that, what should I be going for in order to be useful as DPS for instances/raids? Will I want to make sure my mits are capped? Physical should probably happen pretty easily but tactical might require some gear choices. Is it worth sacrificing DPS to cap tactical mitigation?

Any advise whether theoretical (balance of stats, what to prioritize) or concrete (get this set of gear, relics and essences) would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!