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    Plugins not showing up/graphics resetting on run

    So here's the problem. I, until last week, had 2 hard drives. LotRO was on my SSD, all my documents and data were on my other drive, including the Documents folder where I stored all my plugins, screenshots, etc. This setup worked GREAT. Until my other drive died an unceremonious death while I was attempting to back it up. So. At the moment, I am down to one drive, my SSD. LotRO still runs, but with some problems.

    1. My graphics reset every time I run the game, so obviously something has gone wrong somewhere.
    2. I have moved all the plugins and that jazz to the Documents folder on the SSD, but the game doesn't recognize that they even exist.

    Where did I go wrong pathing-wise and how can I fix it? I am running Windows 10, the folder I have put all the plugins into is C:\Users\blablabla\Documents\T he Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins
    I thought this would be the right folder since that's where they would go normally, but something is amiss.

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    It sounds like you just picked everything up and dropped it there but Windows thinks you are still using the other location.

    Right click on your Documents folder in explorer and set the location to be the drive you are using.



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