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    Helm's Dike: A Stone Obstruction - complete failure

    I'm not new to Epic Battles at all, so this is not about my set-up or lack of points or anything like that.

    I ran a solo Helm's Dike just now and my first SQ was A Stone Obstruction; basically run back and forth between the 3 archers telling them to fire on the Dunlendings attempting to dam up the stream. I've done this many times w/o a problem.

    Only this time, those archers didn't even scratch the Dunlendings, after about 2 minutes maybe, the quest failed with a result of 0/15 Dunlendings killed. Zero, not one.

    I know some people use catapults in their set-up to assist with stopping the Dunlendings, but those archers have never had an issue killing them before as long as you kept them alive, and gave them orders to fire in a timely manner (back and forth on my mount in rotation, just like always) - none of my archers died or were even threatened really, my barricade placement and officer orders saw to that.


    Something needs to be looked into here - I know EB's had some balancing issues that were thankfully addressed, but this SQ seems to have been missed.

    Either those particular Dunlendings are wearing steel plate in addition to carrying those heavy rocks - or the archers tasked to fire upon them are using nerf-gun suction cup arrows that have no capacity for dealing damage whatsoever.

    Platted the other 2 SQ's for an overall result of Gold.

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    See here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...o-Epic-Battles seems Vastin doesn't care.

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    Yeah I posted in that one too - the majority of issues seems to have been addressed - but some are still lingering it seems - I would hope Vastin cares enough to look into this - he seems to for the most part.

    Thanks for the bump though!

    Vastin, can you comment on this issue?
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