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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 84

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    All related to Doormat Treats.

    Sergio :-)
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    some really good festival rewards

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    Bingo Boffin!!!!

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    Trick or Treating for sure. The wonderful players of Laurelin soon put together a list of all the housing areas where the treats were available. It gave me a chance to explore different houses and decoration styles. Today I was given a neighbourhood tour by one of those players, and it was so much fun. I love the way this quest opened up housing and made it feel like a real neighbourhood . And of course, eating all those treats was a lot of fun too!

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    What has been your most favorite part of the fall festival this year?

    Definitely the cosmetic Crow head and Cape.
    Really loving the risks you guys are taking with armor and cosmetic looks lately, and they're paying off!.. Keep it up!

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    all of Wistmead..just love it!
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    "What has been your most favorite part of the fall festival this year?"

    The Bingo and brood of Boffin quests :-).
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    Bingo Boffin and all the new quests with awesome music to boot! Very clever trick or treating! Thank you!

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    Everything! The fall festival is really amazing this year.

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    What has been your most favorite part of the fall festival this year?

    The most interesting part for me was new Bingo's spooky story about poor Mr Cleary. I enjoyed new location, Wistmead as well.
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    It's all pretty great, really!

    And amazing that they are still adding new content to it

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    The quests which give me free experience for killing nothing.

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    Trick or Treating was fun and inspired, and also as costumes added atmosphere to the festival, but the final Bingo Chapter with windows to his spooky stories was my favourite - tho only just overtaking exploring the MD Post Office by a nudge. Hats and pumpkin heads off to the creativity of the team that conceived and implemented this!

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    The gourd lurker, as usual. Such a funny creature.

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    Favorite part of this Festival...

    ... that gleeful hobbit-lass giggle in the background in Wistmead. Or maybe it's a wicked cackle. Wicked glee!

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    Exclamation I miss my Leo :(

    I would like to say, as with every harvestmath festival - my favorite part is the sheer unbridled chaos that is the haunted burrow in the grips of furiously scrambling characters - people are going every which away 5 people in the same room none of them doing the same thing, or all of them doing the same thing, doors are opening, closing, people are dropping from spiderbites, ghost fears, involuntary emotes, shields are up, shields are down, chests open, close, open, close, bookshelves sliding, hobbits fighting, it's dark, it's light, it's crazy - and an absolute blast to witness and experience.

    But my favorite things is the addition of the Black Cat cosmetic pet, I had to put my Leo kitty of 15+ years down on the 25th of this month, to much sorrow and tears - but thanks to this addition, all of my alts get to have Leo w/them/me all the time now - I can't say thank you enough for that, it helps my heart through the day.

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    The Festival Tokens, of course.

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    the dances, the horses, the haunted basement.... that general Fall Feeling! <3

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    What has been your most favorite part of the fall festival this year?

    What has been your most favorite part of the fall festival this year?

    Wistmead is just amazing, I hope next year you guys come up with a fun quest for the spooky pond there!

    I love love love the Bingo part II story line as well. The story and effects were just amazing!
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    What has been your most favorite part of the fall festival this year?

    the new area wistmead is a really nice treat for all of us, up to date Visuals and nice quest line and of course the most important one, a haunting place for Halloween.

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    looking forward to all the great stuff in LOTRO!! cant wait for Legendary servers!!

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    The new Eerie Fog quest is great fun!

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    My favorite part of this fall festival? Coming back to LotRO after 3-4 years!

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    I really like pretty much all of the new content. I love the altered theme music and sound effects in Wistmead!


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