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    Stealth nerf to dwarrowgleam shard drop rate in 23.1.2?

    I have several alts able to run grey mountain resource instances. Before 23.1.2 I would see a shard drop about every 10 to 12 crafters boxes as well as every 80 to 100 nodes. Since the update where you get a rare crafters box at 20/40/60 resource resource quests I have not seen a single shard drop in over 150 crafters boxes and well over 300 nodes. So, did we just get traded a maximum of 3 shards per week guaranteed (from doing 20! Resource instances) instead of double or more probability based on RNG? Any other evidence or am I hallucinating? I have been keeping close track since I noticed after a day or 2 that no shards were dropping at all.

    Note that the grims in withered heath as of 23.1.3 no longer seem to be tough as the don’t reflect damage and do very little of their own. This is nice as you have to kill about 15 just to get through the instance.

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    I never once saw a shard in a crafter's box (other than the box that always has it) and I ran them all every day on 4 characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
    I never once saw a shard in a crafter's box (other than the box that always has it) and I ran them all every day on 4 characters.
    same here. OP is just really lucky, I guess.
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    I never got a single shard from crafter box. And I frankly can't recall last time I got a shard from any resource node.

    The various containers (wooden chests, backpacks, corpses) seem to be the only viable source of shards.

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    Update: I think there has been a stealth nerf in 23.1.4. Since Nov 5, I have not seen a single shard from any container, and I opened quite a lot.

    The drop rate from resource nodes did not appear to change. Looks like the two shards you get from weekly RtG are now the only source of them.

    Good thing I already crafted everything I wanted to craft for my main.

    Nerfing chests is the last nail in the coffin. Ironfold crafting is now officialy dead.

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    I can't confirm that shards drop from containers (corpses, backpacks, etc), but I can confirm that they still drop from ore nodes.

    I saw this thread a few days ago, right now I'm running the Glimmerdeep resource instance on a toon that has prospector and a shard just dropped from an ore node in the instance. This was not from the "Reclaiming the Grey" meta quest, it was definitely from an ore node I mined.

    One shard isn't enough to say if the drop rate has changed, but it is enough to say that shards still drop.
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