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    DUO questions for (LS). Combo coming back

    Wife and I (lifetime account) are coming back for the launch of the new server. She intends to play a minstrel and I am looking for a good class to DUO with her. Here are a few of my questions.

    Is minstrel considered the best healer still? I know there are 2 other healing classes that I have very little experience with.

    What classes DUO well with a minstrel and why. I know having a healer makes any duo work but we are wanting to be able to do the story quest together without being frustrated by super slow dps or not being able to survive elite fights ect.

    Just one catch, I am not a fan of pets in any game (unless they are summon and forget and dont require any upkeep). So avoiding most pet classes, what would be best? I like to tank but dont think I want to tank in a game that I have such a knowledge gap for the rest of the playerbase. Not fun to tank when someone in the group is like do this and that and that the entire time because they know the dungeon by heart and I don't. So planning on a DPS. Is hunter/rune the only ranged dps without pets? I love the idea of champion but all I read is horror stories how they arent wanted and don't have a good role because other classes can do everything better.

    I also prefer simple/less complicated classes.

    Last question...what would be the "best" combo period..with no class restrictions of just being able to do everything together without help for anyone.


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    I believe minstrel is still considered the best healer. Beornings have respectable healing as well. Runekeepers seem to have had their healing side neglected for a while.

    Champs go well with minis since they can DPS and semi-tank while the mini keeps them up. Also they're fairly simple to play. Hunters and RKs are the main ranged DPS as you say. Loremasters have some ranged DPS but also pets, which you don't want.

    Champs have had a hard time recently getting into some Mordor and U23 instances, but prior to that they were in a very decent position. For anything landscape related, don't give it a second thought. If you plan on clearing out every raid deed once you get to level cap, it MAY impact you. Or not... those instances won't even be available on the legendary server for a couple years and may be facerollable by that point. Newer instances may come along that favor champs. The pendulum swings. I would just play what sounds fun and don't sweat it.

    Best combo overall, honestly the landscape is so easy at this point that just about any 2 characters can do "fellowship" content. For the few exceptions, I suppose a tank and healer is safest, so you can slowly wear down the opposition while the healer keeps you alive.

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    A guardian would be ideal, not because you will be able to grind through mobs quickly like a champ, but having a tank and healer sets you up for any content you want to do. The hardest 2 spots to fill are either tank or heals, dps is usually plentiful. Also, no matter what class is 'hot' at the moment, most groups, especially pugs, can benefit from a tank and healer.

    If you are looking only to duo and not venture into other content, I would say a champ, if you think you might want to explore fellowship content at any point in the future, guardian is the better choice, imho.

    As mentioned above, whatever class you enjoy will work.

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    Consider Minstrel and Captain. Sounds like an odd combo, right? A Red Line Minstrel does decent DPS and can self heal. Captain can semi-tank, do some big spike DPS, and heal the group. Each of them can rez the other if things go south. If you want to group at end game, you've got a healer and a jack-of-all-trades. (Many of the end game instances benefit from having a Captain.)

    Just a thought in case you'd like to try something a bit out of the ordinary. Have fun!
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    Minstrel + any will work. It is up to you to decide whether you want ranged or melee and whether to run tank + healer or not.
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    I'd go Champ. Yellow line in particular. After you get past the early-on OPness of mini dmg at low levels, yellow champ should be able to spew enough AoE DPS to hold aggro on any number of mobs over the mini, while melting their faces off with its insane killing potential in the process. 10/10 Landscape combo. Champ rounds up all 500 mobs you need for the quest, then kills em all at once while the mini funnels heals to you, mitigating all the dmg you take. Just don't let yourself get discouraged in the low levels while your wife is skylazorbeaming everything into oblivion before you can even reach it. That's just the nature of early-on mini. Champo will do enough dmg to hold aggros later on.

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    Red-line Burg + Red-line Minstrel.
    We duo this quite well.
    I have lots of DPS on the Burg, and the wife has lots of DPS as well on the Minnie and when the going gets tuff she can turn on the healing and get me outa trouble.
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    Red-line Guard w/2H (axe or sword - whichever racial bonus weapon you would use) is a good choice too, taunts, DPS, and can take a beating - the taunts would go a long way towards keep things off the mini and can gather in hordes of mobs, easy to play too. No pets (like w/cappy) and not the learning curve of a warden (which has thankfully not been suggested).

    AND doesn't necessarily make you a "tank" - but that option is there as you bring yourself up to speed.



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