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    Big invisible wall in the Lone-Lands

    There's a big invisible wall that stops me from progressing with many quests including the epic one. It runs all the way from the top to the bottom of the lone-lands around the red pass sort of area. I have reported this to Diplo, does anyone know when it will be fixed?

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    Yes, if you are currently questing in the Lone-Lands there are at least two huge invisible walls that weren't there prior to the last update. One is just outside "The Circle of Blood" preventing entrance into "the Red Pass" and beyond. The other one prevents or limits accessibility to Harloeg but I haven't personally tested it. There was however, some talk in WC yesterday that there is a way through that hidden wall if one could find it?

    I would think SSG alrdy knows about this but so far haven't seen any blue names address it.

    Until it gets fixed folks will just have to either spend the time to find a way thru (assuming there is one) or wait till the next patch.

    Either way, good luck!

    Welden of Elendilmir

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    The wall in the harloeg is preventing me from getting to the Knight of Mordirith for book 9 ch. 3.

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    We are tentatively planning to do a small patch to fix this issue on Wednesday, downtime announcement in the near future. Due to this, we also won't be doing our weekly world restart tomorrow.
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