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    [Legendary Server] 'Devout of the Lidless Eye'

    Hello All, Aeradil here.

    'Devout of the Lidless Eye' is/was a level 50/60 capped kinship on EN Evernight, however in the wake of the legendary server being announced, we are re-rolling on the legendary server.

    We are a mix of hardcore/casual players, and as such are seeking both player types, in the aims to do all things from raiding/instancing/kin events + socializing. the main focus of course will be the instancing/raiding.

    If you would like to chat with me about joining 'Devout of the Lidless Eye' feel free to add/pvt message me on discord Aeradil#7737

    from there we can discuss what we are about, why you would like to join, and then I can send you onto our website to fill in an application.

    Or, head to https://devoutofthelidlesseye.shivtr.com/ and apply

    We will be taking the Legendary server ''Very Seriously''.
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    Kinship First!

    Devout of the Lidless Eye is the first Kinship from the new Legendary LOTRO Server to be mentioned in the Beacon! Kinship first!


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    Aye, and without my permission to do so too. I didn't send an email, unless a kin member did.

    I would have given them permission had they have asked, so no problems, but still a bit odd that they randomly adverted us, very grateful tho none-the-less



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