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    Who says you can't teach an old instance new bugs?

    So I was running Quays with some friends earlier, and the instance bugged out on the second boss (the Mumak). The Mumak killed us, and when we ran back one of the archers greenbarred, and we couldn't activate it again. We killed the mumak, but it just stayed there in place:

    The chest for the second boss didn't spawn in, and the NPCs didn't despawn, presumably because the archer never actually died, so the fight didn't actually complete. We also got the title "Major Miner" from killing the mumak for some reason, but I didn't screenshot it in time.

    When we ran to the third boss room, figuring maybe we could skip the second boss since the mumak died at least, we killed the two defilers outside, ran into the room, and the smoke wall behind us went up. The boss never activated though. We waited about 5 minutes before leaving the instance and seeing if we could trigger it by running back through. No such luck, as the gate to enter the final boss room never dropped again:

    In all the times I've run this instance in the past, I have never seen this happen before. Anyone have any thought? Are there any other old instances that seem to have new bugs with u23?

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    I can't speak to the Quays bug, but I *can* speak to the Major Miner title - re: my post titled, so this was unexpected

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    Mumak bug had been happening since launch, so that's not new.
    Also not new is that over 2 years since launch, they still didn't fix it.

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    Lotro is a very old game and is most likely made of 90% out-dated code
    There have been many different developers of this game as well making nobody at SSG able to understand or know 100% what every line of code does..

    This can make some very big bugs from small changes (even if its a @ 2 much or a # in a code deep inside)

    So with all this "spaghetti" and code all over the place that nobody really understands its very hard to fix stuff. If it aint 100% broken, dont fix it is a term i bet they are using much.
    It works, just not all the time..If they try to fix it they will probably create 3-4 new bugs and so on ..

    Game is old, runs on old code.. No easy fix as this results in new bugs
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    The session play instance The Fords Have Fallen is totally broken. Your character does about 100-200 points of damage to an enemy most of the time and it takes 5-7 minutes to down one enemy.



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