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    Return of the Moria Guardian

    With the more recent changes to Guardian, I feel more like my old self again, as in the days of Moria:

    1) Catch a Breath self-heals have increased greatly. I'll still need heals in raids and most instances, however on landscape (including bosses) I can take care of myself.
    2) Survivalship is back were I recall in days of yore. I can now regularly take on 3-5 mobs at level, and while DPS is low, I can make it through. (Note: I'm running Blue line, so I do not expect DPS to be worth writing home aboout.)

    This much more closely fits my image of my Dwarf Guardian: Stoic and Tough.

    Thank you!

    Warm regards,
    Gloimli @ ex-Windfola

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    Glad to hear that you are enjoying your gameplay with the Guardian class now. With regards to the Moria Guardian you could even fast-forward a bit to level 75, basically anything before trait trees were implemented. If you want the closest representation of the Moria Guardian then what you're looking for may be a Yellow specialized Guardian since a Blue Guardian gains the benefit of block heals and if you trait deep enough then Juggernaut which is an incredibly powerful skill capable to turning the tide of a battle.

    One of the main reasons to go Red while solo right now is to kill targets faster with bleeds and crit magnitude, but I'd imagine in Yellow being able to block with either a two-hander or shield coupled with Flash of Light heals (if that ever got fixed) and Redirect reflection would offer superior survivability.



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