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    Quote Originally Posted by yossalu View Post
    The full set is now available in the Thatchacre neighbourhood of the Shire homesteads.

    1 Wending Way: Apple Goblins

    1 Pleasant St: Ent-Bark

    2 Pleasant St: Honey-bears

    1 Myrtle Ct: Jam Tart

    2 Myrtle Ct: Liquorice Twists

    3 Myrtle Ct: Mad Baggins' Gold

    4 Myrtle Ct: Marshmallows

    6 Myrtle Ct: Mint Turtles
    The Marshmallows seem to be missing from 4 Myrtle Ct.

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    2 Windy Lane, Braiglad, Cape of Belfalas--Marshmallows
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    5 Myrtle Court, Winehall, Shire Homesteads - Jam Tarts
    2 Pleasant Street, Winehall, Shire Homesteads - Licorice Twists

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    Adding my house

    * 3 Fountain Street, Greyfeld, Bree-land Homesteads -- Marshmellows

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    You can edit the second listing under Falathlorn section: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Haven Way in Nen Ellui has everything *except mint turtles and mad baggins gold.
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    Just to give everyone a heads up...

    Those Fraggles from Fraggle Rock(Dr. Star & the Acoustic Mayhem) have placed out ALL the tasty treats in their neighborhood in the shire, if you care to drop by. You can find them all from the entrance and down the left side(from entrance) or right side(if looking on map).

    Crickhollow, Brindale, Shire Homesteads.
    Wending Way, Pleasant Street, & Myrtle Court

    All treats at the hobbit houses near the quest giver who's located near the Forge/Relic-master in the neighborhood.

    Have Fun & Enjoy!


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    Changing 6 Roaring Road, Kvisgren, Thorin's Hall from mint turtles to Mad Baggins' Gold

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    Eryn Vrithon, Falathorn, 2-4 Fairwood Lane: Marshmallows, Ent Bark, and Mad Baggins Gold.

    This thread makes the task so much fun .
    On Crickhollow: Wenslydale (Hobbit Burglar), Leolwyn (Woman Hunter)
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    2 Cliff Road, Caras Pentil, Belfalas Homestead - Mad Baggins Gold

    5 Roaring Road, Kvisgren, Thorin's Hall Homestead - Ent Bark

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    3 Haven Way, Cugubel, Falathlorn - Mad Baggin's Gold


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