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    Returning player impressions (and a question)

    I played back at launch, and until Moria or so, and a couple of level 55-60's.
    Playing again now the two biggest things I notice is that the auction house is only for serious twinks (level 15 items at 100g)
    so the only way to upgrade gear is from quest rewards...
    which brings me onto problem two,
    there's no one to group with, so it's basically a solo game, and you can only complete the easy and solo quests,
    and the rewards are not great for those.
    A lot of the game is out of reach basically.
    Sure you can join a kinship, but still, the chances of being able
    to do whatever group quests you need to do when you have time to play the game are low.
    After playing for 10 days and getting two characters to level 20,
    I've never seen anyone other than a few other solo players grinding up twinks.
    My question is this, how do they handle the main epic questlines now, because many of those used to require groups?

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    There is crafting which yields fairly decent stuff. If you ask for crafters in chat, some may be able to set you up. In general, you can overlevel content very easily. In most cases, gear does not matter much as you level from one area to the next, there is definitely enough great solo content to carry folks through.

    That said, the whole player vs mob power balancing has recently gotten an 'overhaul', executed with all the expertise and care of a bull charging through a china shop. Just read up on the latest update for new lvl 116+ content.

    Depending on your class, you can do most small fellowship stuff at only 3-4 levels over. Full fellowship is rarely doable unless you are 15+ levels over. Epic parts that needed a fellowship, you now get an 'inspiration' buff that takes you to heroic status where you can solo nemesis class mobs.

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    I think many of the group quests have this buff called Inspiration Greatness.

    But yeah, everything seems solo now. Most people looking for groups are doing raids, daily grinding at level cap.

    Lots of buzz now with update 23, but that's all level 115's and above.

    I think you can buy gear for marks from the skirmish camps.
    Maybe either devote to many crafting alts for gear or join a good kin.

    I no longer try to start a fellowship until I am many levels above the quest level for those that require fellowship, and/or my quest limit is reaching max. Otherwise I just wait or maybe jump into someone's else's LFF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrary View Post

    My question is this, how do they handle the main epic questlines now, because many of those used to require groups?
    The Epic no longer requires grouping. The problems you've noted had started occurring even before Moria, and finding groups at low levels just became more and more difficult. Turbine eased the Epioc quests somewhat and, as mentioned above, a feature called Inspired Greatness was introduced to beef up solo players. Basically a big Morale boost to make you survivable in the tougher epic content. All those decent Epic rewards are thus within reach.

    The recent Update 23 gave a big boost to a lot of landscape quest and drop loot. Suddenly level 30 items have +30-something stats rather than +18ish.

    Hope this helps. Have fun!
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    Thanks, it's nice to know I should be able to at least do the epic quests without a fellowship.
    I realise this problem affects all MMOs after a few years though.
    I had the same experience when I tried Everquest again years after I had played at launch,
    except this is at least fun to play, even solo, it's basically a huge RPG like any of the Elder Scrolls games.
    For me this is still one of the best MMORPGs of all time, and I've been playing since UO and EQ.
    I think if the publihers somehow gave it a big marketing push, it could live again,
    because a game like this with lots of players running arpund is really great to play,
    and it's so much better even 10 yeas later then 99% of the games that people waste their time on.
    It's only downside for some is it's rather complex to get into for a really casual gamer.
    (of course it's not really complex at all,
    but compared to the baby food casual gamers and spoonfed these days, this is complex)
    If only you could remove that percieved fear of playing a 'complex' game that many people have,
    I'm sure millions would actually love playing this.
    I hear there's a new MMORPG based n MIddle Earth in the works though,
    so if it's even reasonably good, it should be like this was way back 10 years ago.

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    Certain changes to our classes over the years has resulted in us being hugely overpowered for sub-85 content. I power-leveled a mini a ways back and was level 35-40 (fighting mobs 3-5 levels higher than I was) before I realized that I only had half my gear and what gear I did have was the starter junk. I got some new gear and went back to plowing over every mob in sight.

    Of course, a lot depends on your class, and since you are returning it may take you a little bit to get back into the swing of things, but I wouldn't worry too much about the ability to do the content. You will be able to do the vast majority of the content solo, and may even be able to solo some things designed for small groups.

    Welcome back, btw!
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