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    Aeradil Starts New Leveling Series from HC Perspective.

    Hello all,

    After creating my other thread begging SSG to buff mid-tier mobs, I got a lot of negative feedback stating that the lower game was too hard and that people were dying to 2-3 blue-dots. Which one of my low levels tears through easily.

    Thus after u23's buffs to mobs, I thought I would start a new video series leveling a Man or Woman Champion as yet to be decided by my viewers and whose names is also yet to be decided. To level naked with no armour/jewellery only a weapon. To show how easy low level-mid level content is with the right setup + play style.

    If you look at my channel I have already been soloing 6mans/raids on my minstrel + captain at 50+60.

    And now I have decided to venture into the series world, and start my own leveling series. I plan to spam youtube with LOTRO videos to be honest, both for myself to watch for people who like watching solo's and who like watching leveling content and to hopefully promote lord of the rings to new players.

    I may also venture into doing up-to-date guides for new players.

    My Channel ----

    Please feel free to suggest anything to help with the creation of this series if you would like to put your stamp on the character prior to series launch next friday.

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    I think there has been some confusion because U23 did extremely different things at different levels.

    Up to about level 30 the game was made significantly harder. A welcome change to me, it is back closer to where it used to be before they made everything too easy. But those who say it is harder than before U23 are self-evidently correct.

    From level 30 and up U23 made things easier - you too are entirely correct when you complain that the middle game was made far too easy.

    By Mordor (level 105) it may still be a bit easier than before U23 but it is hard to say since each of my characters starts Mordor with somewhat different gear or at a somewhat different level.

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    Hrothrengar *Gearless* Leveling (leveling with no armour/jewellery)
    Episode 1 was today, stay tuned for more

    Todays video had a drop in quality for some reason, will try get that fixed asap....



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