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    Belfalas Kinship Homes - U23 release bug

    Went to pay upkeep today and add some decorations to an island kin house (this one was Tol Falthui), only to find some glaring errors. I'm not sure if this applies to all kin houses--the others were locked in my neighborhood--but it'd be a good idea for anyone with a Belfalas kin house to check on theirs.

    --Applied floor/wall patterns, as well as their colors, don't function in the first room (yet they function in the connecting hallways)
    --Music boxes don't play. The default music doesn't play either when the music box is removed.

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    Shared Storage Bug

    I'm not sure if this is just a Cape of Belfalas housing instance issue or true in all housing instances, but when a use either the new Visiting Banker or the standard Vault Keeper in the Cape of Belfalas housing instance, I am unable to access my shared storage.

    All I ever see is the message stating "Waiting to retrieve your items and capacity from the server. This may take a few seconds."

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    It has been reported that if you use the new Visiting Banker it then breaks Shared Storage on all other bankers as well.

    Try relogging... one person reported that fixed the issue, while another reported it did not.

    I hope relogging will fix the issue with the non-Visiting Banker... for now do not try to access Shared Storage with that particular NPC!

    EDIT: With the Visiting Banker an error message about being "Too Far Away" is also displayed, which seems to trigger the bug.



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