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    B+Y Build question

    So, first off, know that this build is more for the fun of playing than for being a dps powerhouse. I've done the dps-chugging munchkin before in other games and it just gets boring.

    So, I like the idea of running a trap/effect/DoT build, using the blue & yellow trees, revolving around trap effects and bleeds. I figure this isn't a mega-popular build, so there's probably not a guide available, which means I'm open to speculations.

    1) Which tier is best to pick as your primary?
    - Blue buffs the bleeds and self-defense/evasion and allows for shooting on the move
    - Yellow buffs trap effects, aggro sinks, team buffs, and allows for trap-setting on the move
    - Does it even matter if I'm a cheapskate who doesn't want to pay the cheapsk-- err, nice people at SSG for the mastery buffs?

    2) Should I max out one color & dip in the other, or do a strategic 60/40 or 50/50?
    - I know I partway envision using yellow for its traps and trap effects, while using the blue tree for it's ranged attacks

    3) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume I don't get the starting abilities of both, correct?


    4) For career/skill thingy: Weaponsmith for traps or bowyer for, well, bows?

    I know that's a lot of questions, but thank you for being patient and willing to answer

    (Edit: spelling)

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    Just as test of concepts, I made these three builds:

    Pure B+Y (40/60):
    Your build link is: http://www.lotrottp.lotrostatus.com/l.php?c=91B
    Your case sensitive build Code is: 91B

    B+Y+r 1 (25/60/15)
    Your build link is: http://www.lotrottp.lotrostatus.com/l.php?c=91w
    Your case sensitive build Code is: 91w

    B+Y+r 2 (35/60/5)
    Your build link is: http://www.lotrottp.lotrostatus.com/l.php?c=91x
    Your case sensitive build Code is: 91x
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    No you don't get both starting abilities. Do you want damage and moving choose blue, if you want instant traps and Lingering Wound choose yellow. (LW isn't better than Barbed Arrow or Exsanguinate, it's even weaker than both. unless it reaches tier 3 than the bleed is equal... but by the time a fe has 3 LW on him it died already of your bowdamage and Barbed Arrow and Exsanguinate deal a lot higher initial damage and BA is affected by light/fire oil and Exs. deals light damage, LW doesn't).
    The trait planner isn't up to date anymore. Many traits were moved.

    If you want easy trapping on the move go yellow. LW isn't worth it anymore. The LW buff was in fact a nerf. But if you go yellow don't trait more than 12- 16 ranks. 12 for Rain of Thorns, 16 if you want Piercing Trap, but the morale return is a joke and Exs/BA/HS are way stronger bleeds than piercing trap and Quickshot in strength is better for slowing. The rest of yellow traits is too weak.

    For yellow with bleeds and selfheal specialize in yellow and put the rest in blue and red. Something like that:

    For mobility, less roots, but more damage, more selfheal, best/most bleeds.

    If you like slowing and damage, red with 12 ranks in yellow is an option. Your traps won't be instant, but you got Pinning Shot, Rain of Thorns and Low Cut and you have better supprt in fellowships than yellow... the supporting traitline. You can move some the blue traits to red for Bodkin Arrows if you want less selfheal.

    Selfheal, bleeds and many roots, but not losing that much damage (HS, Upshot, Marksman and the red debuffs, that are way better than yellow's...(reliable, easy to apply, not clunky like yellow trap debuffs) ). Though pure red build would be stronger. Stance would be Strength for kiting (QS slow) or Precision for damage

    This is what I use currently. Easy instant traps, Deadly Precision for focus. But I think I will switch to red build above, cause yellow feels so much clunkier since hunter(red/blue) balance pass.
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    Okay, wow. Thanks for the input, especially on how blue's been nerfed and yellow ignored. It's been a good few years since I last played LOTRO and the last MMO I played had similar issues with rangers/hunters - the trappers and switch-hitters got nerfed, because the loudest voices were those playing PVP, complaining that the snipers were too powerful or that the traps/effects were unfair.

    Bye bye PVE/dungeon run role...

    (I should add, the snipers didn't get nerfed to the same degree, because they were the PVPers and protested, saying they'd become irrelevant. Oh, the irony)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PagingDrDad View Post
    Bye bye PVE/dungeon run role...
    Dont worry hunters still have a spot in the raid as the primary single target DPS. If you are talking about a spot in the raid as a CC/debuff/buff class, it has been many many years since they could do that.



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