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    Total Guide to LOTRO running on Linux Mint

    Linux Mint 19 Total Guide for LOTRO: Guide Completed 10/14/18.
    WARNING: if you only have one computer this might not be an option for you so please take caution. Also with the USB Stick this Allow's* you to Install on any modern Computer.

    Steps to follow: Part 1.

    1. after you download Linux mint 19 to your download folder IN WINDOWS, open and copy and paste contents to your zip drive, reboot

    2. AMENDED it is no longer required to turn off secure boot in the bios it is now part of the installation process. this next part is important DO NOT select third party software's.

    3. Press F2, Select your UEFI Zip Drive as your primary boot...

    Steps to follow: Part 2 *Side Note* you may be asked for your login password at some point. its simply the one you made when installing Linux Mint. Be sure to DO OS updates Before starting the next steps.

    *Side Note* when I say copy and paste and it has a link you DO NOT open the link, simply copy and paste the entire line as if there was no link.

    Go to the Terminal Looks like old DOS. and copy paste This:

    wget https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/Release.key

    Then copy paste:

    sudo apt-key add Release.key

    Then copy and paste:

    sudo apt-add-repository 'deb https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/ bionic main'

    Then copy paste this:

    sudo apt-get update

    copy paste this:

    sudo apt-add-repository https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/

    copy paste this:

    sudo apt-get update

    This next part will take 10 minutes or so, copy paste this:

    sudo apt-get install --install-recommends winehq-stable -y

    copy paste this:

    wine --version

    your wine version should say 3.0.3 if the Values are higher than this its because it has been updated by Wine

    Lastly this could take time too, copy paste this:


    once it finishes follow the prompts, in the prompts last Menu DON'T select windows 7 (default) What you want to select is Windows 8... done with the hard part

    *Side Note* If you get an error saying additional Repository's When you do a OS Update click edit, top left of update manager, then software sources, then remove ALL duplicates in Additional Repository box on the page once that is done click Ok at the top of the page, run your update there should now be 0 errors.

    Linux Mint LOTRO: DX9 DX10 DX11 EDIT: PlayOnLinux AND Crossover is to not be downloaded.

    my System is as follows:

    OS: Linux Mint x64Bit
    Processor: Intel i5
    Ram: 8GB
    GPU: Nvidia 1060
    DX11: Enabled.
    Power Supply: 750w
    1TB Sata HD

    *Side Note* if these steps are followed. you can install most if not all MMO's or Games, Down Loaded or Disk.

    How to Set Up LOTRO: Click the ring As far as i can tell everything is correct, upon client restart if it hangs simply right click the left window on the task bar, and select second work space. after patching Select NO for Dx11. log into character select SWITCH to WINDOW FULL SCREEN. I believe that all Dx9/10/11 are running I am repairing my client soon as I look at the water I will know.

    if you are having issues with Linux mint and wine or using an older version follow this page here: https://www.pcsteps.com/10463-instal...-windows-apps/

    Final Thoughts. Keep your OS up to date and no matter what kind of PC or Laptop you have Linux Mint will run on a toaster. i have had it running on an old 2007 XPS DELL laptop just fine. UPDATE: Second guide to follow of Duel Boot Setup, plus reverting back to Windows 10.

    Dual Boot installation:

    Now that you have your shiney new Linux Mint USB stick you can instal on a windows machine and dual boot both opperating systems. this is part of the isntallation process

    1. when rebooting press F2, once in bios select your UEFI USB flash drive, then reboot by selecting the boot option at the bottom clickin on the UEFI USB flash jet drive.

    2. you will be prompeted if you would like to instal Linux Mint x64 bit press enter.

    now that you are inside the OS simply double click the disk on the desktop saying Instal Linux mint, you will be asked if how you want to install mint. it is the top selection called Dual Boot with windows.

    after this select your partition size. then this next part is important DO NOT select third party softwares.

    be sure once everything isntalls to do your updates. once those are done to get back into windows simply restart and you should have the option of booting into windows or booting into linux.

    to play LOTRO you can now follow the steps for installing Wine to the Linux OS in the guide 1 above.

    Reverting back to windows 10.

    if at any time you don't like Linux mint and wish to go back to windows 10 here is the process

    1.) download the windows 10 IOS files found here ----> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/soft...load/windows10 BE Advised that installation of windows 10 to your USB will not work in the Linux Mint OS

    i advise to buy a second USB and install the windows 10 IOS file from either your duel booted machine OR from another machine that is fully windows 10.

    2.) now that you downloaded the IOS file double click it in the downloads folder and follow the instalation. when it asks you if you want to upgrade or create an IOS USB. you want to select Create an IOS USB. this will install windows 10 to your USB.

    From your Linux Machine. boot up and press F2, then same as the Linux Mint install select your new UEFI USB windows 10 and exit with saving and reboot. let it reboot and when you see the spinning dots you can now follow the installation process for re installing Windows 10.

    Now not only do you have a Linux mint USB you now also have a Windows 10 USB to install either at any time you wish... I hope this really does help people. Enjoy!

    Final Thoughts: be sure your USB stick is 8+ GB ALSO in the past I have installed Windows 10 to a photo memory card to run on my older tablets. HOWEVER once you install this to your tablet never remove the drive unless you never want to use it again. The HD wont recognise it....
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