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    Total Guide to LOTRO running on Linux

    Linux Mint 19 Total Guide for LOTRO: Guide Linux Mint COMPLETE 10/18/18. UPDATE 10/20/18 Ubuntu LTS OS: UPDATE: 10/20/18 WINE 3.18 in POL
    WARNING: if you only have one computer this might not be an option for you so please take caution!! IF you do still want to install Linux mint refer to the Reverting Back to Windows 10 of the guide FIRST.

    Link for Linux Mint: https://www.linuxmint.com/start/tara/

    Steps to follow: Part 1. OS installations.

    1. after you download Linux mint 19 to your download folder IN WINDOWS, The first thing you should do with your new USB is format it to its default setting. Secondly Right click it to check if you can directly make a Boot able USB with the Linux mint file, This will properly install Linux to the USB.

    2. Press F2, Select your UEFI Zip Drive as your primary boot... Reboot, and select the disk in the Linux OS on your desktop to install Linux mint. Follow the Setup Wizard.

    3.) you should now have Linux Mint installed onto your PC.

    Dual Boot installation:

    Now that you have your shiny new Linux Mint USB stick you can install on a windows machine and dual boot both operating systems. this is part of the installation process

    1. when rebooting press F2, once in bios select your UEFI USB flash drive, then reboot by selecting the boot option at the bottom clicking on the UEFI USB flash jet drive.

    2. you will be prompted if you would like to install Linux Mint x64 bit press enter.

    now that you are inside the OS simply double click the disk on the desktop saying Install Linux mint, you will be asked how you want to install Linux mint. it is the top selection called Dual Boot with windows.

    after this select your partition size. then this next part is important DO NOT select third party software's.

    be sure once everything installs to do your updates. once those are done to get back into windows simply restart and you should have the option of booting into windows or booting into Linux.

    Reverting back to windows 10.

    If at any time you don't like Linux mint and wish to go back to windows 10 here is the process:

    1.) download the windows 10 IOS files found here ----> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/soft...load/windows10 BE Advised that installation of windows 10 to your USB will not work in the Linux Mint OS

    I advise to buy a second USB and install the windows 10 IOS file from either your duel booted machine OR from another machine that is fully windows 10.

    2.) now that you downloaded the IOS file double click it in the downloads folder and follow the installation. when it asks you if you want to upgrade or create an IOS USB. you want to select Create an IOS USB. this will install windows 10 to your USB.

    From your Linux Machine. boot up and press F2, then same as the Linux Mint install select your new UEFI USB windows 10 and exit with saving and reboot. let it reboot and when you see the spinning dots you can now follow the installation process for re installing Windows 10.

    This information is useful to those looking to have a bit of knowledge of how to get started in Linux for the first time. it is just a way i learned how to start with making the Switch from Windows to Linux, it does not have to be followed without giving it some thought, and consideration towards other options. such as the ones i am about to talk about before getting started with how to run LOTRO.

    Here are some other Options of Linux for running LOTRO.

    Regarding Manjaro, I gave it a solid try, and to my dismay I find it a little to evasive for my taste. I am more of a keep stuff safe, so when formatting and a OS asks to take off secure boot. thanks but no thanks. some will argue otherwise and that is fine. but for myself I will stick to Linux Mint for now. call it a personal choice. I invite anyone who has Manjaro who can run LOTRO to write a guide regarding those users. but I am sticking with this one.

    Running LOTRO on Linux Mint. "POL or PlayOnLinux"

    ((((((((((After Doing updates to your OS. you will want to search for PlayOnLinux. From Linux Mint it is in your Software Applications tab Second from the Top in the Menu tab.

    PlayOnLinux Setup:

    Once you have Downloaded LOTRO and installed POL what needs to be done is setting up a virtual drive in POL.

    when you open POL be sure to let it update. Select Install Non Listed Program.

    Now what you do is follow the Setup Wizard. Make sure that you Create a 32bit Windows Virtual Drive IF Experiencing the game not launching, try 64bit virtual drive, I Can Empathize that patching this game Takes a really long time for that i apologize, if experiencing further launch issues with 64 bit possible solution is the wine configuration of the virtual drive from Windows 7. possible choices are Windows 8+, during the three selections of making the drive whether using a different type of wine or adding additional features select no. follow what it says at the top. name the drive to your liking and brows for your LOTRO Download in your download Folder. once this is done it will start the game make all your selections. After this part should you get the "Eye of Doom" you will need to select and agree to the TOS, in 64 bit i was able to select the TOS without a reboot, so if you do need to reboot your machine to select the TOS, it is possible you need to run the 64 bit virtual drive instead. after this is done it will start to patch.

    Do the following step only if nothing else seems to work OR you have an older machine that does not support the newer textures:

    IF at any time it completely hangs check the other work spaces for the TOS found by clicking your taskbar or if you cannot select the TOS simply close it down and do a system restart. Upon Restart make your way back to POL and go to configuration and select your 32 LOTRO drive. from here you want to make a shortcut with the Lotrolauncher.exe for Linux Mint users, do not make any more shortcuts. now double click the ring and you should now see the TOS to accept and it will start patching.))))))))

    ^^^^^ This is why I said the first time I wouldn't recommend POL for running LOTRO

    Linux Mint Set Up for LOTRO: Just old fashioned Wine

    Here is The Correct Sight for updating Wine if POL isn't working. https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu

    ^^^ A Much Better Option than POL. so far the update is running very smooth....

    UPDATE: For installation of wine 3.18 follow this guide here ----> https://linuxconfig.org/install-wine...c-beaver-linux

    Be sure to find out what wine version you have first in order to follow the proper installation of the guide by using the command wine --version

    Lastly do a winecfg to be sure its up to date click the about tab it should say 3.18 and be sure your default is Windows 10 NOT windows 7

    When Launching LOTRO After it has patched. Upon entering the game select NO for Dx11 this is important otherwise the game will not launch. Wine does not support Dx11. yet....

    By Now Everyone should be very Fluent in Linux Mint and what it can do!

    PART 2: Ubuntu LTS

    So with OCD and being a perfectionist, also wanting the best experience for everyone who wants to run LOTRO on a Linux System. I Decided to see if there was a better option then Linux Mint... Turns out there is but fortunately with running Linux Mint the next option is quite familiar.

    Here is the link to the next OS we will be going through: https://www.ubuntu.com/

    I Decided to choose the LTS version. I Am Extremely happy i did! Linux Mint is very much based in Ubuntu so seeing that once i installed the OS i was already familiar with how the OS worked. The next part i am still testing however i thought i would see how (POL) PlayOnLinux functioned first with Ubuntu LTS and installing LOTRO.

    I Fully Updated my OS and now after i have Downloaded POL i decided to make a virtual drive, 32 bit i downloaded the LOTRO to my DL folder, once i selected the Lotrolive.exe in PlayOnLinux, it Launched without issues. i just now came to the part where c:\ opened while writing this, no hanging simply all i had to do was minimize the C:\ it is continuing with patching... i will update as soon as i can get to launching the game. it goes without saying that finding info is out there, but finding info on peoples experience's with installing Linux and running a MMO game like LOTRO is with little to no knowledge is imo quite scarce i write this so people wont have to go through long periods of time with making a choice in PC Operating system and only get frustrated. i will update once in game and see how the game functions. if you are running Linux Mint currently. please get familiar with how it functions, because once you decide to try Ubuntu LTS you will be pretty much at home with the OS. Logged in and the Game runs Extremely well...

    UPDATE: How to update Wine in POL: if you are now running the game with your new 32 bit virtual drive and want to update to the 3.18 Wine. open POL from there third top selection Tools: at the top says Manage wine. you can now DL any version of wine up to 3.18 be sure you add it to the first x86 selection not the AMDx86. now to adjust your Virtual drive to wine 3.18. make your way in POL to install a non listed game, once this is done you want to select Edit existing virtual drive. on the next selections you want to use a different version of wine and configure wine. select the LOTRO virtual drive and now it will pop up what wine you wish to use, select the 3.18 or which ever wine it is you want to use. now it should install gecko and mono. to configure wine I select windows 10, also look at the about tab to see if wine has been updated to 3.18 after this launch the game... that should be all you need to do.

    I Apologize for a bit of drastic change to the guide however i felt it was extremely necessary. If you are having issues what so ever please post in this forum and i will do my best to help. Thank you for being patient with this Guide.
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    Regarding this guide please refer to part 2 for or if you want to use Ubuntu, Linux mint is by far way harder to run LOTRO on if at all. I have learned quite a bit about Linux since I wrote this guide. if anyone would like a Follow up version for Linux Debain, please post below, if not I assume that people rather not have one



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