Slaying the Blue Signature foes will count towards Leaders of Ered Mithrin Advanced,possibly even Final. It must be fixed. Solo player or group can finish full deed ,he is spawning them constantly every two-three minutes. I was on 1 or 2/15 I ended with 9/15 After I Completed Instance once only after I indeed realised Ambushers of Weavers are providing the non intentional numbers.

With some patience a group can with until they finish Final deed. It must be urgently fixed.

You can see the video here.

Optional for proof. Magically my deed log, plus the Scourges are not tough enough. The fellowship listed quest is possible to take down alone. Increase in foe's strength to Nemesis stats with additional adds.

Scourge Suggestions:

~ Substantial difficulty increase of the Scourge foe/monster
~ Increase Reputation gain from Scourges
~ Replace marks with Embers of Enchantment
~ Add the Deed Scourges of Ered Mithrin {Resource instance only version}

Landscape suggestions:

~ Increase the Reputation gain from certain quests from 300- 500
~ Moderate raise of XP gain from Quests. It will force players without the use of XP to re-grind older instances or endlessly slay Mobs. It reminded me on Rise of Isengard launch. I was on 20% towards level 120 with nearly every single quest finished without a single use of XP boost. VIP stats by default. I had to grind The Steel keep but fortunately it provided huge amount of Experience thanks to the inspiration buff.

~ Small grind reduction and the amount of Marks need for Items from 250-200 or from 100-80.

~ General increase in Embers of Enchantment and reduction of Ingots needed from 50-25

For passionate active players who will seek everything it is super insane grind. Before the typical yes Tis an MMO, invest, and so on. I know it perfectly well I've been on the same road a lot of times,but the Ered Mithrin update seems in special in particular when you consider one needs 7 Worthy crafts and 7 shards,each shard drop rate is super rare and one gains 1,000 Embers only.

Please consider some in the upcoming fix/update

Thanks Kindly