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    1 Vanilla SoA Server!

    Pretty please

    (not even sure if possible)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatorex View Post
    Pretty please

    (not even sure if possible)
    In reverse order:

    3. Turbine > SSG found out a long time ago that special-rules servers don't pay for themselves.

    2. No, not possible.

    1. /sigh not again....
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    This has been brought up before, but it is unlikely to happen.

    There are two possible ways this could be done:

    1) Use the original, 2009-ish, pre-moria code to launch a new server.

    2) Launch a server using current code (including the skill tree and auto-loot, etc) but "lock" it to SoA content only.

    The problem with option 1 is that they would have to support two completely different server environments, and as many of the back end systems are shared among all servers those backend systems might also have to be replicated to an older version of their code. It would cost a lot of money to support it.

    It should be mentioned that the original SoA was 100% "pay to play", there was no free to play back then, and there was no Lotro Store. The two other games that I know have done this, WoW and Everquest, both charge money for the "progression" servers. WOW is already pay to play, so its just another server.....Everquest is of course free to play, but the progression/classic servers are only available to those having a paid account.

    While the idea is nice, I don't think there will be enough people to shell out $15 a month to play on a classic server, and probably not enough VIP's right now that might want it.

    A better idea might be a better way to manage lower-level content environments on existing servers. They would be like option 2, using the current code, with all its fixes and all its add-ons... (remember: SoA didn't have cosmetics until a year or so in!) ... but be level-locked or content locked to a certain area. It wouldn't be a true SoA experience, but the cost of maintenance would be extremely low as opposed to a seperate server.

    My idea has always been to enable "level managed kinships", where a kinleader can form a kinship, and set a maximum level the kin members can level to. The kinship can then decide themselves how long they want to remain on e.g. Shadow of Angmar level, and then e.g. open the kinship up to the "next tier" of content such as Moria when the kinship is ready to move on to the next level range.

    There could be a number of tiers:

    Tier 1: Level 50, SoA, including Eregion.
    Tier 2: Level 60, Moria and Lothlorien open up.
    Tier 3: Level 65, Mirkwood and Enedwaidth open up.
    Tier 4: Level 75, Isengard and Great River open up.
    Tier 5: Level 85, Rohan and Wildermore open up.
    Tier 6: Level 95, Helms Deep and Fangorn open up.
    Tier 7: Level 100, West Gondor, East Gondor, Central Gondor, Old Anorien, etc open up.

    I think that is probably all that is needed.... you could put in a tier 8 and tier 9 for 105 and 115 content as well, but I think after 100 you could just let the kin level all the way.

    This will allow kinship leaders to not only start with a SoA kinship, but also start out with a Moria based kinship, or a Isengard based kinship. There would be more flexibility and the player are given more control.

    Of course the biggest thing with that is the code change. You will have to accept current code, current trait trees, current mastery balances and difficulty, etc, etc.... so those might have to be compromises to keep the cost to a minimum.

    The advantage is that you will still be on the same servers as everyone else, and if you are short a level 60 for a filikul raid, you can use public chat to recruit more. Similar to the kinship, the fellowships started by a kinship that is level limited will also be limited, so you can't invite a "cheat" level 120 to win it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatorex View Post
    Pretty please

    (not even sure if possible)
    It's not a bad idea, I just don't think SSG would ever do anything on that grand of a scale.
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