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    Changes to Heal aggro in U23


    i haven't read anything regarding the topic in the U23 Patch Notes, but apperently the aggro generated through healing is pretty insane.
    Maybe that is good for tanking wardens, but at least for Minstrels it is not the best thing happening.
    In group play before U23 Heal aggro wasn't really bothering anyone. As soon as the dd's did damage to enemies and the tank force taunted etc. in a realistic scenario there was no way a healer got aggro again.
    Right now Heal aggro is out aggroing (or what ever the term is) damage aggro pretty dominant espacially in mob group fights.

    In my Opinion that shouldn't be the case. I shouldn't be able to to kite around 4+ enemies and heal my self while the dd is following me or what ever to kill them... obviusly after the main tank has died or force taunt+ aggro multiplier are not top aggro anymore.

    If i'm missing out of something please let me know.
    I would be happy to see a dev responding whether it is intended or not .

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    can you move this post into General Discussion & Feedback, please?

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    Can confirm: my 109 Yellow Minstrel and my friend's 109 Red Hunter were working on the Old Anorien Roving Threats last night, and I pulled the entire spawn off her (including the primary target) just keeping my partner alive. And that's using the gimped Yellow healing, with a generalized landscape build set of LIs.
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