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    Apr 2012

    Which of the new Dwarf-hold regions are you most excited to explore?

    Whichever one is least crowded when I'm on.

    It always kind of breaks the illusion to have seven other players with the same NPC in-tow all doing the same quest as you. Not to mention the added lag :/

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    Red face

    "The glitt'ring mines and glimm'ring hall
    Of peerless, proud Thafar-gathol"

    I'd really love to solve that mystery!
    Main: Laurelinarien (LM) Council of the Elder Lords
    Other lvl caps: Feantura (RK), Laergwend (Mini), Taurtaren (HNT), Morwinne (CPT), Furcifer (Beorn), Seregeth (WDN), Dagnirion (Champ) & Kitiarya (Burg).
    Lowbies: Brynhilt (GRD) & Daerris [High-Elf CPT]

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    Jan 2018
    I am just excited for Moria, because I am only in the lone-lands right now

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    Jarnfast, and it's death hole

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    Boristown, Oabular
    Durin the Deathless, eh? He should have eaten his barrow brie...

    Anyway, I would love to travel to those dwarves and snag me a dragon for taming,
    but I am still stuck in Moria and a long way from the exit.

    If I go to Erebor, will Smaug be there?

    “Here, Smaugie, Smaugie! Rollover... Play dead... Good Smaug!”
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    When Life Gives You Rotten Lemons, Your Lemonade Will Taste Horrible !

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    I still love Moria, instead of the mountains, the challenge, and the excitement of finding your way in there, was AWESOME, bring back moria!
    If you have to say you're sorry for doing it, prolly shouldn't have done it in the first place

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    Whichever one has the most benches and picnic tables.

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    Which of the new Dwarf-hold regions are you most excited to explore?

    Ered Mithrin

    Just so much lore of the dwarves to explore and closest to the beorning lands (bearpower!)

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    Apr 2018
    Maybury Hill
    It is a long way from Dunland to the Iron Hills right now...
    “...and he lived happily ever after, to the end of his days”

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    I finished the epic story, so I had a quick look in both areas. They look amazing, but since I have a love for dragons, Ered Mithrin is the one that I look forward to explore.

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    Everything, of course! I'm not quite close enough yet; But I DO look forward to new Landscape & Music...
    “Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay; Small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps because I am afraid, and he gives me courage.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

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    Jun 2011
    i d love to see a tamed dragon pet
    love that miners helm
    love that dwarf outfit bunddle, got it 1st thing when i logged n saw the advertisment
    mostly loved the fix of the bugged quests!..........
    ow you havent done this yet.........
    well DO IT! NOW! :P

    a quick question for devs.........
    you have so many pretty nice looking npc outfits
    why should the quest given armour sets be so ungly!?!?
    the outfits of the bunddle offer is a copy of npcs outfit
    its pretty obvious you can do give us those nice outfits for armor sets!
    you can do better lads!
    lotr enthousiast since 1996, 12 years lotro player, lifetimer, Loyal member of the Spartans Kinship, now in Evernight imigrants from Eldar

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    May 2011
    It's so hard to decide! I'm terribly excited to see all of the new content. If I *had* to choose, I'd say Glimmerdeep, I think. Yay!

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    Actually all of them. Wanting to see anything Moria-like, but in fact what I enjoy the most is exploring the landscape.

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    Dec 2012
    Ered Mithrin.

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    Kveni Thickskull of the Grey Mountains

    Baruk Kazadh! Kazadh ai-minu!
    I, Kveni Thickskull of the Grey Mountains, step brother of Thorin III Stonehelm (Dain is my father), and leader of the Elite guard of the Lonely Mountain, Dain's Hammer, wish to return to my homeland of the Grey Mountains. I was born there in secret when my mother, a Dourhand, was banished from the Lonely Mountain. She was banished because of her lineage, not because of her allegiance, and was mistakenly killed by elves. However, I returned to the Lonely Mountain to assist Dain when the Easterlings attacked, and at his death Dain welcomed me and the loyal Dourhands back and told me to form this elite guard so as to crush the enemies of the king. I heartily serve Thorin III Stonehelm until death.

    To the Grey Mountains!!!!!!!!

    Ish kakfe ai'd dur-rugnul.

    Don't feed the Trolls,

    Lord Kveni Thickskull the Sinister
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    Jun 2008
    There are new regions?!

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    I don't know enough about them to be able to rank them. I'm looking forward to learning more about each of them.

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    Aug 2013

    Thumbs up Which of the new Dwarf-hold regions are you most excited to explore?

    Those where dragons dwell!!!

                                          _   __,----'~~~~~~~~~`-----.__
                                       .  .    `//====-_             ___,-' `
                       -.            \_|// .   /||\\  `~~~~`---.___./
                 ______-==.       _-~o~  \/    |||  \\           _,'`
           __,--'   ,=='||\=_    ;_--~/_-'|-   |`\   \\        ,'
        _-'        '    |  \\`.   '-'~7  /-   /  ||   `\.     /
      .'    //// ||     |   \\ \_    /  /-   /   ||      \   /
     / ____  O-O--=     |     \\.`-_/  /|- _/   ,||       \ /
    ,-'     ( ^ _/\_ --_ \     `==-/  `| \'--===-'       _/`
            /\~-\/  \   `-|      /|    )-'\~'      _,--~'
           /|`/ _ \_ \    '-~~\_/ |    |   `\_   ,~             /\
          / | : U_/  /         /  \     \__   \/~               `\__
          \(__:__ \_/      _,-' _/'\ ,-'~____-'`-/                 ``===\
            =@=====       ((->/'    \|||' `.     ~`-/ ,                _||
           |       |                 \_     ~\      `^---|__i__i__\--~'_/
          /   |   |                 __-^-_    `)  \-.______________,-~'
         /   /|   |                //,-'~~`__--^-  |-------~~~~~'
         |  | |  |                        //,--~~`-\
         |__| |__|
         /#_)  |#\
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    Nice dragon area

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    Aug 2016

    Which of the new Dwarf-hold regions are you most excited to explore?

    um... everything, I suppose, once I get to the region!

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    Aug 2018
    All of them, especially the Iron Hills.

    (Here's a backstory)

    Why? Well, because my elf lore-master had some friends, and a myth was passed to them that the Iron Hills were named that because in those great hills, there was a great dwarven iron city with iron-craft and metalwork that was better than anything that Middle-earth had seen. They had told the elf lore-master this myth, exactly as they heard the words. "The great iron hallways shine, a shine that puts every dwarf into bliss," the friends told him, hiding their mild jealousy due to their friendship with the dwarves, "And each brick of every building is put perfectly into its place, as if the Valar themselves had done the work."

    The friends, of course, thought that the myth was false, for they had a map, but there was no major city on it. But, the elven lore-master now had questions: Do the Iron Hills actually have a hidden city where the myth comes true? Is there any dwarf city where the myth fits the city's description? Therefore, before departing to Valinor, the elf wants to see the places with his own eyes, and even if the results were disappointing, it would still be worth it, because he would have the lifetime experience of seeing different places and landscapes with his own keen eyes.
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    Nov 2016
    All of them... eventually. I've only barely reached Rohan!
    “I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge.” -JRR Tolkien

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    Jul 2014
    I shall explore all of these to great depths, uncover the riches and get to the very bottom of it all, without delay, hesitation, or heeding any warnings whatsoever!

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    Apr 2007
    Gallifrey. I need a Jelly Baby.
    Moria will always be my favorite.
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming "WOW, what a ride!"
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