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    Wrapped horse whistle and riding quest at Eogar's farm


    if you open the wrapped horse whistle as a f2p, do you still get the quest once the whistle's 24h are over, but are unable to complete it as a f2p, or do you NOT get the quest?
    If you are over level 20, do you still get the quest, as f2p? As vip?


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    So far I got the quest pointing to Eogar's farm sometimes after using that whistle. Never bothered to measure the time till I got the quest.

    The riding quest for VIP at lvl 20 is a separate one starting at Eogar.
    As premium/f2p you have to buy the riding skill in the shop.

    In any case you can buy the skill right after leaving the intro. For premium/f2p the farm is just a place where you can buy basic horse for some silver.

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    Thank you, Derquin

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    Alas, I am unable to answer: way back in my F2P days, I picked up the Samwise Gamgee Starter Pack (no longer available, ignore the big BUY NOW button) on sale for $5.99, cemented my Freemium status, and never looked back. (Also started subscribing a couple months later, but it still was nice)
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