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    The Weirdos of Arda {Insanity Thread}

    Post your odd,insane,bizarre,Absurd or funny videos/screenshots. Uncommon.

    I will start my own. The Mega Pulls ~

    Best Girl is back.

    The Fortress of Urugarth even after more than eleven years is the true jewel of pulling the Army group of the Iron-Home. I always wanted to and I was trying to pull the nearly every single monster and humanoid there is ,but yesterday Twas with the succession,It usually resulted in client crash or complete lost of connection or Character's death.

    I decided to randomly clear certain instances but in my own unique fashion.

    I did not had so much fun in ages. Certain tests and return to Ancient/Old Lord of the Rings Online instances. I was expecting to crash or lose connection. Incredibly thrilling. One army in literal sense. I always wanted to pull the entire Urugarth.

    The Engine has its limits, you shall feel it. The similar attempt was impossible in the past.

    As for other instances: Watch the first video for the most insane and the largest single instance pull possible ~ It is possible. Be patient and be wary of fell waters and pray to your RNG goddess.

    The Second video includes the following encounters:

    ~ Carn Dum {City}
    ~ Grand Stair Full
    ~ 16th Hall Full
    ~ Skumfil{Central}
    ~ Fil-Gashan Full
    ~ Helegrod Spider Partial &Giant Wing Full
    ~ Fornost Fire{First Part}


    You should execute the same, It matters your level Randir. Fun factor does. You shall have a blast, Tis worthy. If not at least for Lore purposes /Nostalgia/Deeds. Do not shun away old instances. Ignore the loot. The quality of Angmar&Moria is unsurpassed and never shall be so.

    Here are the images or your time;


    Please be advised these type of exhibitions will have serious impact on your performance and lead to eventual crash or severe skill delay. The Engine at certain point will not able to handle massive amount of units on the screen. The following execution will not be possible on every class.

    May thy path ever Be Star Lit.

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    Gallifrey. I need a Jelly Baby.
    That shot of all those frost giants in a line was hilarious!
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming "WOW, what a ride!"
    Continuing the never ending battle to keep Lobelia Sackville-Baggins in check



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