Please consider making Long-lost Coins account bound and add the historic FI sets to its barterer(s). I would like to be able to equip my alts when they hit 100/105/115 etc. in the future with these sets, both for convenience (mainly for the +10% run speed + the class-specific boon is always welcome, too!) and to have more options for spending coins I acquired during previous updates. Adding uncommon Essences of various tiers here for barter would also be awesome.
I would imagine you could reset Newfound Coins (add them to Long-lost Coins maybe?) every time the level-cap raises - like you used to do with Seals.

Similarly, I would like to see lower level Epic Battles jewellery added to its barterers (starting from Bree) in exchange for Merit and I would also strongly recommend adding slotted armour and essences in some form for same. Whether its a direct exchange or crafting recipes.

Thanks for your attention!