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    Thumbs up The Complete Ettenmoors Overhaul My Vision and Suggestions

    The Angmar Reborn. The Ettenmoors Revamp by Vanyalanthiriel.

    {Update I shall in the following hours/Days}

    Imagine the dream of having the Dar-Gazag Remastered , Picture below!?


    I have so many ideas and I visualise the entirely different Ettenmoors {Also known as the Troll-fells} The name Ettenmoors can be a reference to the land Ettinsmoor in Narnia. This can be related to the close bond between C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. I am going to Attempt to present you my view.The game have had incredible potential and we still have several brilliant minds left who can make certain aspects the reality. The Ettenmoors can improved in hundreds of ways. A few implementations might be enough to lure players back and have indeed a considerable effect on the immersion,quality,game-play and overall battle-field.

    Let us consider what can we realistically expect and what do we have. The Staff team and strength of SSG is not large enough to make huge changes nor it will be possible to implement majority of what I am going to write down ,there never was a hope. Only Fools hope. True to some extent. @Vastin Thou art the only hope left for PvMP. Tis nor never You have created,changed,fixed,presente d and contributed enormously in very short period of time.

    Regarding Audacity Armour ~

    Suggestions and ideas:

    I m going to write down the thread fast. Early morning when I live indeed and I shan't bother nor I have time for additional pictures. It will cover up: The Core Global changes needed/Of Keeps,Npc's,Audacity System/Each Creep class/Vendors/Events/Session play and even terrain. More to come. I do not know. I felt a need and sudden desire to at least present what I have learned over years or simply to put it Suggestions. I do not expect for you to agree with me, Quite contrary. What you about to see is my vision of Ettenmoors how should have been at minimum.

    ~ Two new Monster Player classes {Info incoming soon}

    We already have Wargs,Spiders,Orcs and Uruks, Let us create a Goblin or Evil men?

    Goblin Engineer/Sapper A hybrid between Lore- master/Burglar or hunter with the primary ability to buff the keeps and impair /cripple debuff their foes. Fragile but very fast with high Evade rating and ability to reduce oppenents attack speed with sticky tar.

    Black Numenorean Sorcerer/Angmarim Soothsayer The "Lore-Master" of the creep class with very powerful Magic damage. We saw what Angmarim can do. If you recall their AOE fire destruction attacks, summoning spiders and a lot of other cold spells and curses. If you take into account the fact The Carn Dum and entire should be in reality a Frozen Wasteland. Ice shards and so on. I have so many ideas. What about a comibination of Rune-Keeper and Lore-Master. It is unbelievable how much can be done within days and if someone unites with Vastin and do everything our dream can become the reality. The potential is truly vast and nearly limitless.

    Hybird class~

    Please note before proceeding further down one cannot change the behaviour and mentality in general of both sides. If one group or player is lacking the necessary gear/build,Rank,the will to listen to a leader or purely the lack of organisation,tactics,strategy and slippery game-play attitude. Cowardly game-play.Zergs,insults,War in OOC or simply a negative manners and giving up can and will eventually diminish the overall experience in Player vs Monster Play.

    It is not to Developers to blame if one side deliberately chooses to flip the keeps,

    Short Answer;

    The Necessity of Audacity Armour for Freeps. The armour must be relevant once more with substantial boost in Physical/Tactical Mitigation ,Critical Defence and with either Morale/Mastery or purely Mastery/Critical Rating Stats. The Bonus Values o thef Audacity Armour must be greatly Amp-ed up. For instance:

    6/6 Bonus Finesse Rating from 4400 - 14,000 Finesse Rating. Due to recent changes it is impossible for freeps to run within the Ettenmoors with multiple core stats maxed or nearly capped. Mastery/Critical rating while possessing as well the very strong resistance and even Decent Finesse Rating.

    Important: Do not overdo it. Increase in core stats from 2000- 12,000 is fine. 22,000 would be an exaggeration and it will cause a tremor and eventual imbalance once more.

    General CORE changes which intertwined to both sides:

    I will divide the each primary section in three sub-sections and needed changes: Essential/Desirable/Optional{Bonus} I will start with Global changes which are absolute must have if you want more enjoyable,stable,balanced,fulf illing and realistic Player vs Monster player Game-Play experience. I know not about the limitations of the Engine nor accurately the changes that could have been or can be implemented but I will state them nevertheless.

    Essential/Crucial factors and issues to potentially fix.

    Performance. Before the overall one must consider the game from technical point. It will be in vain if game is constantly broken or shattered with insane amount of Slowdown or crashes. I perfectly understand one cannot hope for super stable environment with 60 FPS ,non existent stuttering,lost of connection and so on, BUT you might be able to significantly reduce or completely eliminate the following problems:

    ~Skill Lock&Delay in general which is the absolute killer in small clashes or big raid battles. It renders one powerless.
    ~Incredibly Low FPS drop in massive raids and worst all of the Dread Freeze. Again ,twas always a lag and DPS in massive battles, but in such a degree as it was 10 years ago. If in theory there is something to be done , do it please. Any changes at player side or Rig is nearly irrelevant.
    ~ Lag caused by huge amount of present buffs/debuffs on certain player. Example: If you lock on the player you will get near constant slow, applies only to a player with at least 4/5+ Lines.

    The Audacity helps protect against the opposing forces. It provides the defence against Crowd Control{Time Reduction} and Damage boost +25% Damage at the final rank{Audacity 25} The Default Audacity is Rank 1 for any player regardless of the rank.

    1) Vastin,please if given enough and possibility would you change the skin of Level 120 Audacity armour. Even since the Intrduction of Audacity with Rise of Isengard expansion the armour appearance has been constantly recycled and repeated, Same old ballad at level 100. Light/Medium/Nadhin look {Western Gondor 4x Slot Essence armour} Model. It is on-going for more than 4 years.

    I would not mind Elivsh or new Dwarven heavy armour. Perhaps a proposal ~ Light Audacity armour. Fashion a Eldarin model, Medium of men theme, but different than Gondor and heavy armour should be inspired by the dwarves.

    2) IMPORTANT ~ Create a true PvMP armour with decent bonuses applied to the each class. Ignore the least relevant stats such is the Resistance Rating,or Might for example Mastery > Might Finesse > Resistance Rating

    Passive bonuses for a champion class suggestion of each bonus set 2/6 ~ +10% Melee Damage 4/6 Your attacks are 3% more difficult to Parry/block or Evade 6/6 +14,000 Finesse Rating /Extra bonus to paritucalr melee skill. Since champions already are a pure DPS class. Certain defensive boost will not hurt, or in the offensive way. Controlled burn damage +15% Damage increase for 30 Seconds or Bracing Attack Healing potency 50% or simply the ability to choose 1 out of 3, Not all 3 , but Let us either: 10-15% Controlled Burn Damage/+50% Bracing attack heal/+10% Area of Effect Damage at maximum Audacity.

    "Force" Players to use actual battle armour not PvE armour which was vastly overpowered Pre update. Twas not needed to run in Audacity armour at all. Rewards,bonuses and more potent stats will encourage players to obtain armour pieces.It will have an appropriate role.

    3) The Rise of Delving of Fror without heavy PvE

    Commendations revamp for Audacity Slight and Outpost Mastery Removal

    The Mastery boost and capture of the outposts should not became a daily work for both sides. The OP flipping can be buzzing annoyance and one will witness the OP battle which inevitably turns into PvE festival. The lack of real action across the map again forcing players to venture into certain OP's.

    Remove the Mastery cap. Leave the Acquisition of Infamy/Renown per OP bonus only

    Drastic measure ~ Eliminate OP's from game entirely.

    4) Fortresses. The Keeps have generally very little use. The Defence they provide is nothing more but a jest and pure distraction until Free people reach you and will within a minute. Once upon a time in the Elder days of Arda, Keeps have had their use , at least they have provided a supreme protection and any eventual change for a solo freep would result in the most certain death with the exception of burglar class. Now one Freep can eradicate and pull the half of the keep and laughing in the face of Evil

    Demolish old keeps and give the Forces of Angmar keeps worthy made of Iron and Steel with formidable defences and a gate.

    ~ Remove backdoor completely.
    ~ Increase the range of skills {Ranged classes} Such is BA from 40-60 Meters.
    ~ Increase the tracking range when within fortress.
    ~ Create a gate that must be crushed down. Any actual siege must be difficult and make freeps work for it before capturing and every keep WILL not AUTO reset.




    ~ Balistae with 100 meters range. Similar to those used in the Big Battles. CD 30 seconds.
    ~ Catapults with Fire balls. Cooldown 1 minute.
    ~ Poison barrels which can thrown away from the ramparts at your foes. Non curable Acid damage over time.

    Too be updated.

    5) OF FOES ,Trolls and Additional MONSTERS ~

    Essential ~ Every single , but I truly mean sincerely every Non Humanoid and Monster in general must be strengthen.

    The "Easiest solution" Every existing enemy found within Ettenmoors should be scaled from Normal ~ Elite foe {Signature}
    ~ Add additional levels
    ~ Normal foes were fine 8-10 years ago, now they are nothing but shadows dust. The Keep foes should be comparable in the HP,Finesse,Attack Power and Signature rank of those found in Ruins of Osgiliath which means every enemy in the keep must be at least Elite Master backed up with Nemesis and Tyrant.

    ~ Raise the Tyrant Morale to 50 million at least with far greater avoidance bonus,resistance and complete immunity. Return of Execute. Add corruptions to Ettenmmoors Npcs.

    If Tyrant has Tier V corruption he gains the execute ability to punish and randomly slay the player or set his morale to 10% .

    ~ The overall potency of damage inside the keeps such is the oil,arrows and perhaps if you implement something new must be greatly boosted.

    ~ Only when tyrant is vanquished and his Elite guard {2 Nemesis adds} Flag must be raised and defended. Monsters will have final chance to re-take the keep. Make it 2 or 3 minutes. Tyrant and Nemesis adds will not reset. Only Elite master foes shall if Freeps delay it for too long. If the delay is way too long ,Let us say several hours or entire day only then keep will reset to previous state or be left without leader for 24H.

    An actual fortress example. Raise the rubble and create these type with Gates of Steel and Adamantium.

    Or add the black Rock/Iron style of Angmarim Forts found within Iron-Home.

    Comparable to What would you rather have?

    An example of the classes.

    Imagine a creeps getting a hybrid of A Captain and Champion class. I cannot visualise nothing but imposing Black Uruk or Saruman's Uruk hai cladded in heavy armour and Mighty Two handed blade.

    Optional: The ability to use a different weapon. Spear/Shield. Pike,Halberd. Sword.Cleaver. Each of them will have special animation and extra skill which be either used vs Single foe or Multiple enemies.

    ~ The following picture does not belong to me. Someone created a thread and I loved the skins, I also wish to note additional 2 ranks.

    The Goblin sapper example of the skill:

    Sticky Tar,Low direct damage. High Debuff. +40% Attack duration 30 Seconds.Cannot be removed. Little CD.
    Poisoned dagger throw ~ Root, High DOT. Medium Direct damage.
    Throw a Grenade. High Damage. Knockdown. Fire damage over time. Non curable.
    Lighting fast melee attacks similar to burglar,but not way too powerful. rather focused on debuffing and damage over time.

    Give the Goblins skill comparable to Guardian's charge or Champions sprint with immunity to slows, Call it Reaver's charge in combat.

    Two roles.

    Goblin destroyer/Slayer.

    The Slayer will be a class focused more in dueling skills ,interrupting inductions without explosive potency and Crowd Control ,Imagine a mix between Champion and Burglar, but without massive critical attacks or huge damage as Burg can unleash.

    Destroyer as I've mentioned will be tougher to kill to possible shield use and bombs,tar,traps or other clever devices.
    The ability to use stealth , but not permanently as wargs can. Goblin should be a complicated class with hit and dodge tactics.

    Rank 16 ~ High Overlord

    Rank 17 ~Simply The Dark Lord. It breaks the lore but having now 100 Tyrants + certainly breaks the lore as well. The true leader or the Angmar's army and Supreme Commander was the Lord of the Nazgul, Witch-King of Angmar. He was the right hand of Sauron and Second in command, Supreme overlord and Let us call him High Overlord. Both of them are perished. Sauron is vanquished,Witch King banished.

    I will discount False King Mordirith or any other Ancient Evil. I am speaking about Military forces in general.

    War-tyrant Akúlhun is the "High Tyrant" and has the absolute authority and command over other tyrants in Ettenmmors,but he still is tyrant. It does not make him greater than Overlord or the Dark Lord.

    And we have other tyrants who are overseers and commanders of the keeps such is Tol Ascaren/Tirith Raw,Lugazag,Dar Gazag and Arador's End/Lumber camp. There are seven tyrants in The Army group North in total. Army group Ettenmoors.

    There are many creep tyrants now and even solider can call us maggots. Adding additional ranks will not hurt, it can fuel up others furthermore.

    Optional: Rank 16/17 will always provide a passive leadership bonuses to other players in around 15-20 meters range.

    6) The changes of session play. Ranger and the Troll session classes must be overlooked and nearly every skill must be either removed,revamped,boosted. The Troll HP,armour value and damage should scale enormously and Ranger must have greater stealth level,Single target damage and Superior out of combat speed plus crowd control ability.

    Ranger and Troll limit 3, but with great aid and help. They must be very Powerful SUPPORT units not creep or freep destroyers in general with happened in Rise of Isengard era. The Ranger should inspire ,have ability to heal,cure poison/disease or provide special buffs to hunter class even and Troll could strength resolve and defence of creeps and change the outcome of battle. Especially useful in breaking fortress gate or laying siege , only counts if they revamp Keeps.

    Trolls are crushes they have siege damage and AOE potential. More to come..

    7) Of Classes.



    ~ Further communication between community and develeper. Vastin came in right moment. It must not stop now or it will be eternally over.

    ~ Every creep class must excel at his/her primary role. Any skill which is currently obsolete ,very weak or broken must be overlooked again and updated. Any Freep class in his primary DPS stance MUST NOT have very potent self heals which makes them class ultimately powerful and very versatile. I know it not simple,but when you have Beorning in red stance with Demi God healing , you will know something is not well. one of the examples. It applies to any class.

    ~ Any over-stressed Freep Legacies with massive bonuses or Mitigations reduction which can sunder creep armour to basically zero must be halved,eliminated and disabled Only within the Ettenmoors. Depsite the Reduction in Mastery. Certain freep class if played well and with a high level of discipline and organisation will be able to sunder and debuff creep's defences to abysmally low levels. It HAS to reduced

    ~ The Minimum Corrruption slots needed is 4 , optional 6. The proper amount would be 8.

    ~ Any existing passive,racial or common skill with outdated stats or very little damage/in combat power morale regeneration or resistance rating boost must be scaled up. For example: +120 in combat morale should be at least 12,000 in combat morale regen. These numbers are archaic. I also count War leader's banner,Defiler debuffs and pretty much every creep debuff must be scaled up with the exception of Flayer Warg perhaps.

    ~ The Default Finesse rating must be increased 11,9% 30,000 should go to a least 50,000 20%+

    ~ Update Every single vendor of both sides which includes : Weapons,Off-hand,shields,Relics,Runes. I spoke about Audacity armour. Make the Armour with actual potent PvMP useful abilites not random abilites just to be placed without an passion or knowledge. Please update the skins, you have no idea on how aesthetically pleasing skin/armour of face can have an impact on certain player.

    ~ {See Peformance issues above}


    Extra ~

    You might want to add some of them by yourself for those willing to stumble in the past or simply present additional ideas. It makes me sorrowful a bit,but still grateful because it could have been even worse. The game is still alive.

    What should have been ~

    What in theory can be.

    High probability ~

    Highly unlikely ~

    Most Likely ~

    Impossible ~

    Fantasy ~

    8) Ff 1 shooters and The immersion, Extra details,Dead bodies,skeletons,changes in the sky and land. More torture devices scattered across the grams,traps,.

    Update/change Soundtrack.

    Add Mounted units {Npcs}
    Remove the "Safe path" Road to Dar-Gazag and towards Ost-Ryndgir ,crush the existing parts of the map and remove the 1 shooters. Create something new. The 1 shooters exist in the wrong spots an those crucial 1 shooters who are supposed to protect do not protect at all. I saw 1 shooters failure of Freep who manage to exploit himself inside Gramsfoot. Their LOS is broken too. You do not need a safe road. Keeps should be safe. The landscape id whole another story.

    The 1 shooters are crucial for defending the resurrection point only.

    The LoS {Line of Sight} of both Rangers of Esteldin and Krahjarn Fellarrows. Tis super easy for a Ranged Freep class to proceed within the attack range. They have been broken for years. The similar can be mentioned To Uruk Blackarrow at doorstep of Glain Vrag. Pick the AFK target and slay him to death.

    Solution: AOE LOS if possible. Greatly increased Stealth Detection,range and Death must instantaneous. There are few seconds of delay as well,sometimes.

    ~ Angmar's "Blooded" Sky in the Western sections of the map. It greatly adds to overall atmosphere.

    ~ Frequent Snow/Rain/Fog Effects. Way too many of the clear and sunny nights and days. Snow within Aradro's end,Grams. Heavy Rain in around Lumber's Camp for instance.

    ~ DESTROY /Remove Osgiliath map please.

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    I don't like to agree with you Vanya, so shame on you for making me do so.

    An additional tactical-based Creep class has been asked for, for years. Specifically, a Goblin Sapper type class, or Angmarim Sorceror. Also suggested, has been some form of Cargul class. At this point, I am not holding my breath, but it would be nice.

    You brought up an interesting point with siege equipment. I suggested when they made big battles that a ballista behind TA would work. Back by the Poison/Cleanse the Hoarwell question location, with the stone trolls, would be a great place. If Keep NPCs damage was boosted significantly on both sides, and the castles themselves were destructible, having groups man the siege equipment placed around the perimeter of Keeps would bring small fights to other areas of the map. If manning the equipment had real merit toward the end goal of the group, or the day's pvp. Put one on ninja hill, behind Lumber Camp, one up behind TR where Goldhead is currently, and one behind Lugazag where the chicken session players used to spawn (ahem... bring this back, btw). Forget Isendeep, just delete the top half of the map altogether. Plenty of good spots for siege equipment.

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    It was a gigantic, immensely huge undertaking effort. Though we'll not speak of that.

    Valar and Maiar alike used their power and in some cases consumed it during their moments of arrogance. Left with but a former shell of what they once were. One particular became Nameless, Faceless, Formless and thus became irrelevant.

    This matters not, IT will be zerged off the map no matter which side IT plays.
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