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    1h vs 2h dps question

    Hello all,

    I am a returning player that has a question about how dps is calculated for 1h vs 2h weapons. If, for instance, I have a 2h weapon with dps 200, and I have 2 1h weapons that are also dps 200...does that make my total dps while dual wielding 400? Or is the dps based only on the weapon in the primary hand? Or is it somewhere in between where the first hand counts fully and the second hand counts for half again? Thanks for any guidance!

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    Yes, your dps would be twice as much if you would attack with both of your weapons at the same time, but this almost never happens.
    You can see how your weapons effect your damage by checking your skill's tooltips, here are few examples.

    Most of the time our skills use only main hand weapon, but sometimes offers an bonus secondary hit to balance the damage difference

    And sometimes dual wielding only lowers the damage we do without any benefits

    But in the end there are so many factors that effects your dps (animations, critical damage scaling, traits, etc.) that the only way to figure out what is best for you is to just try them out and see which you like the most. In the end dual wielding and 2 handed weapons have been somewhat evenly balanced, so if you are not doing end game raiding it doesn't really matter which one you use.

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    You will use a bit of other Rotations for 1x 2handed or 2x 1handed.
    Have a look on the Championsection, there was a very long testing phase. that is quite old, around level 60 and 75 we had tested a lot here.
    My Champ is still in that area.

    If you level, then test a bit around. So you get a good feeling for animation and when you can use the next skill.
    Keep in Mind that you hit more often with 1handed, while you strike stronger with 2handed.

    The DPS is the basedamage you do. That get increased by the skill and acts as an internal multiplyer.

    At the End stands, what does more damage => While you level that will be near the same.
    In Endgame the offhand has a far greater benefit of stats, so i _think_ you will do more damage by dual wielding.
    (My Champion was played Red in Endgame @75 because Bosses were/are singletargets)

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    To play on top. You're both and switch in fight. This skill dualwield, this twohanded.....
    In addition you're to know which skill the offhands attacks don't crit....
    It's highend calculation.
    For simple playing, in my eyes it's the best to play Red twohanded and yellow dualwield.

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    Thanks for having this actually I also want to know about this.



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