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    Best use of XP boost?

    Hail and well met, all.

    A question regarding using an XP boost.

    What is the best, most efficient, way to use them so it's not wasted... to get the most XP out of it.

    1) Gather up a bunch of quests, do them, turn them in, lather, rinse, repeat?

    2) Find a mob dense area and grind away?

    If it's grind mobs during the boost, then as a high teens/low 20's Minstrel, just quest/drop geared, should I find light blue/blue mobs, or white/yellow?

    Thanks for your time and insight.
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    I've been offline for a couple of months now, so things might have changed a bit, but not so much that my suggestions are invalidated. But they might need tweaking.

    But generally speaking XP Boosts are of more value later in the game - no matter where you are right now. Having said that, there is a marked change in leveling progression around 37-55th levels. Many players find that the change-over from free content zones to paid zones becomes a grind requiring access to all four of the 40-ish level regions to progress. Otherwise the longer you can hold off using the XP Boost, the better.

    You suggested two situations in which to use the Boost. Why choose one or the other? Do both. Gather a bunch of completed quest that you haven't turned in yet, hit the Boost, turn in and then do Slayer Deeds. Or a bunch of quests that are concentrated in a certain area (ie, Andrath, Barrow-downs, etc). Ultimately the point here is too milk the Boost for as much benefit as possible in whatever area you're in currently. But these are not the only ways in which to earn XP. Lots of players forget that they earn XP for crafting.

    Of course, take a look at XP, Crafting, and VIP Weekend events as well. Getting more bang for your Boost is a good thing!

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    Grinding mobs typically doesn't get you that much XP....

    The best way to to indeed accept a bunch of quests, complete them.... but NOT turn them in yet.... then pop an XP boost tome, turn in all the quests, and then accept all the follow-up quests and do them.

    A few tips:

    - Check out bonus weekends. They pop up every so often, and could be a great time to also use an XP boost to get ahead quickly.

    - Don't forget festivals! All festival quests provide on-level XP. And although the amount of experience is generally a little less than regular quests.... you can typically do ALL quests in certain festivals within about 15-20 minutes or so - once you got a system down. So if you work on your normal quests for 30-40 minutes, and you end up with some long, dreary quest chains that aren't going to give a bunch of XP until you travel places or find things, kill a boss, etc.... consider stopping what you are doing, use a bree travel skill, and head out to the festival - IF there is one of course.

    - If you are in a level 85+ area, consider doing all the warbands, but not turn them in. When the level cap was raised to 105 from 100, I actually went back to East Rohan, West Rohan, did every warband I could possibly find.... grouped and non-grouped... didn't turn them in at all.... then went to bed for the update the next morning...... logged on after the update, popped a 200% tome, used up my perks, and before I even started on any new content..... *boom* 102, and well on the way to 103!

    - At your level, which seems to be mid to late 20's, right? Consider buying Evendim. In Oatbarton, there is a series of easy quests (barely any fighting required) that lead up to the Northcotton Farm. The quests here are quick and easy to do, can be gotten at level 27 or 28 I think..... an with an experience tome can actually get you to 31 or 32 pretty quick. Evendim is certainly a "must have" on your road towards level 40.

    I would not use an exp tome before you reach 27 or 28 or so, the Northcotton Farm area seems to be the first real good place to do it.... under 28 you can muddle through Lone Lands and just do all the quests, leveling up should go fast enough there still.
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    I find the best use of them is to sell them on the Auction House because leveling up is so ridiculously quick that most "challenging" content is passed over due to over leveling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StinkyGreene View Post
    I find the best use of them is to sell them on the Auction House because leveling up is so ridiculously quick that most "challenging" content is passed over due to over leveling.
    I would do the same except the ones I have seem to b character/account bound. Between my 6 non cap alts, I have dozens of the things I never use.

    Right now I am bored with HD and beyond content, so I am going back and completing all the areas and deeds I skipped due to over levelling. All my alts bar the first skipped at least 2 whole areas due to rapid levelling up from normal questing; killing is easy, but remembering where everything is hidden is more of a challenge, although I did cheat with Goblin Town and use a map.

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    Most of game, you are going to face issues of gaining levels too fast and outlevelling content before you finish it. In my main's 1-105 journey, I never felt the desire to speed up xp gain. It sorta changes when you hit 106+, and have a choice of either braving the severely jacked up content in pre-Mordor gear, or leveling to 115 outside Mordor so you can wear Doomfold crafted. In either case, because there is a pretty painful 105-112 gear gap (and unless you pop lootboxes, 112 ash gear is pretty much out of reach, so this is more of a 105-115 gear gap), you really want to get through 105-115 asap. I would save any xp boosts you get till those levels. 110+ is where I burned all my boosts.

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    1 Tome of extraordinary experience

    200 finished goods and one hour

    will take any new character through the prologue levels

    run out a character in the intro, or skip with Veteran Status

    then pop the tome, and process the bronze, thin rowan boards and light brushed leather....any combination of 200 will take you to level 15 and beyond, then you can go to Bree and light up Strider
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