It really sucks to get a pittance in reward for a kill without securing the majority of these buffs. It also suck being drawn away from PvP to go and get the buffs so that you don't get a pittance for actually PvPing. It sucks even more to play during off-peak hours when your side doesn't have the buffs, but also doesn't even have capacity to take the buffs due to no one being around (more relevant to the DoF and TA than Lugz/TR/LC/Isen - and more relevant to Creeps than Freeps).

I'd much rather remove these buffs and just boost global infamy/renown gain for everyone to compensate for their loss.

The incentive to flip the Keeps in all cases remains completing/unlocking the quests. Lugz/TR have the additional incentive of strategic positions and providing rezzes. LC/Isen could probably do with an incentive like making the NPCs of the controlling faction across the map stronger and/or boosting commendation (not infamy/renown) gain - if any additional benefit is even required. The DoF can be replaced with 3 daily quests (24hr cooldown) to kill each of the main bosses for a big reward in commendations. Or something, I'd honestly settle for the removal of the aforementioned buffs and nothing else - but this was just to hedge bets if people complain that they need to be replaced with something.