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    Angmarim Outfit Help

    Hello all!

    For a while I have been trying to assemble an Angmarim outfit like this.
    ___Here's what I'm aiming for____________Here's what I've got

    Helm - Lesser Secret of the West Helmet (Burgundy)
    Shoulders - Anorien Battle Pauldrons (Umber)
    Chest - Breastplate of the Five Rivers (Crimson)
    Hands - Gauntlets of the Charge (Umber)
    Boots - Rugged Work Boots (Umbar)

    Main Hand: Slayer of Garthamendir
    Off-Hand: Shield of the Eye

    If you have any suggestions, please tell me - I'm always looking to improve this outfit
    Also, has anybody stumbled across either of these swords?

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    Good start, but your toon looks too heroic currently in Rohirric gear (the good guy armor). For more sinister and darker looks, try exploring light armor pieces for chest and shoulders. Tactical classes tend to have more of those appearances on their gear, especially LM and RK.

    Even if your toon is a fighter (sword and shield), try some robes or a lighter hauberk for a cultist melee cleric appearance.

    Do you have access to Mordor ultimate edition or Orthanc T2 raid armor sets on some of your characters? Mordor cosmetic armor looks particularly dark, including a Predator-style helm proper for any Angmarim to wear. Orthanc T2 raid armor sets share a black and crimson palette with stark silver accents, resulting in dominant and forceful appearances if you mix and match. Some heavy shoulder guards from those sets may fit your purpose, they are bristly and cold looking.

    The downside to Orthanc T2 sets is you can only trade for them on class/character who completed a corresponding deed to unlock them, meaning at least level 75.

    Try also visiting a dwarf quartermaster in Galtrev who trades for Draigoch armor sets (I forgot his name but you can find this NPC standing in front of Dunlending and Theodred's Riders reputation traders). Some shoulder guards from those sets look like flared webbed dragon wings. More sinister than plain Rohirric ones currently on. And you can trade for them on any toon, regardless of class or level.

    If you wanna get adventurous, try RK shoulder guards from a level 65 Barad Guldur set (skirmish classic vendor). The thing literally has arcane rocks and parchments stuck on it. Can be sick in crimson with everything else combined.

    Experiment with some crafted heavy armor pieces for level 115 (look on AH) for hands and feet. Maybe crafted medium 115 armor for chest, it has a flared ribbed look that might look ok in black or crimson. Really lose that Rohirric hauberk though, unless a noble paladin is the goal (or at least swap it for a crafted level 80 heavy chest piece, it has the same outline but is more plain, and if you dye it crimson it looks like someone else's blood spilled all over the chest.)

    Even something as plain as the Robe of Night, combined with shoulders/boots/gauntlets/helm, can look intimidating and ominous.

    Have fun, post more pics as it's coming along if you want more ideas
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    Quote Originally Posted by way2keul View Post
    The shoulders remind me of the shoulers of the reminiscent dragon from anniversary festival. The tunic... hard to find something similar... but it looks a little bit like the Nightshade jacket or what it's called. One of the medium armour questrewards in Dunland.

    Tried them in the wardrobe.
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    Head - Battle Leader's Helm (Sunset Orange)
    Shoulders - Mantle of the Summer Sea (Gray)
    Chest - Battle Leader's Breastplate (Sunset Orange)
    Hands - Gauntlets of the Charge (White)
    Legs - Trousers of the White Tree (Sunset Orange)
    Feet - Boots of the Erebor Champion (Moria Silver)

    Main-hand - Anwarchris
    Off-hand - Guardsman's Shield of the Adlan

    I'm thinking of using the "Armour of the Reminiscing Dragon" but I'm a little fuzzy on how to get a set of it - whether-or-not it's still possible, actually..
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    Dragon set was a reward for finishing years 1-10 during Anniversary so you'll have a chance to get it next year.

    I have found an 'angmarim" looking robe while browsing cosmetics sites: https://landrovalstyle.wordpress.com...man-of-angmar/ but it's
    not really what you're looking for. Here's a nice combo, the breastplate esp: https://lotrostylist.wordpress.com/2...urn/#more-3979

    Dunland also has some interesting rewards, I recall pieces with leather stripes criss crossing the upper body, could be too "light" though. Moria sets should have the appropriate heavy look.
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    I made this for my Black Numenorean using the same NPC inspiration ages ago, and I'm very pleased with it. As others have said, Reminiscing Dragon is the way to go.

    Cloak optional.

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    If you are familiar with the Osgiliath sewers Morgul crest medium helmet, I always thought that looked like an Angmarim sorc thing when dyed red.



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