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    The Arkenstone Free Housing Giveaway {High Female Elves}

    The Rules:

    Your character must be an Elf. High Elf Female. Calaquendi ,preferably of Gondolin {Heritage}

    ~ You will contact "Vanyalanthiriell" {Champion} Within the realm of Arkenstone via Mail or /Tell

    ~ You must behave and kneel before thy High Queen five times. ./kneel Emote.

    ~ If the requirements are met you will be able to choose any item. It will be given for free or be placed within thy yard permanently until game dies.

    ~ There is no limit. if thou art not only one you will eventually acquire most of the items.

    The High Queen has spoken. Tis not for debate. You will do as I say.

    Screenshots for the proof ~

    Its up to you.
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    How are you already Rank 5? ))))))))

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    The Model of Orthanc is vanished. Placed within the house of Ivei {Kindred Spirits} She behaves plus she is an elf. Best behaviour. I have had a wonderful morning, Tis always a pleasure with my kindred the Firstborn.
    Thou art welcome to visit, The doors are open.

    The following items are gone;

    Model of Orthanc
    Saruman’s Orrery
    Big Pile of Elvish Books
    Messy Writing Table
    Little Old Man Willow
    Gate to Moria Painting
    Path to Moria Painting
    Intact Model of Minas Tirith
    Mirkwood Soldier – Property Guard
    High Elf Visitor – Property Guard
    Fish Pond
    Nanu’s Hiding Place

    The items presented in the picture are indeed still available ~

    She is a girl of her word and she kept her promise Feel free to message the High Queen if you thou desire,Randir.

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    The Update II ~

    Incredibly impressive Creative Housing of our Ultra-dedicated member Joego. He has my vote for the Community Spotlight. I was truly speechless. Almost half of the items are now vanished. The additional items will be given to Redyln of Arkenstone. I will provide a screenshot soon.

    So far the items went to ;

    ~ Ivei
    ~ Joego{His Alt}
    ~ Redlyn

    Hurry up if you can. Feel free to message on forums if you have an issue with logging in or Send E-Mail/PM via YT channel.

    Until we meet again,

    Best Regards

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    The Update II.

    Following items are still available. Please contact Vanyalanthiriell in game Via Tell or Mail.

    Remember to check the rules. As for kneeling you do not need to. She is not a High Queen. She is the daughter, youngest of the Luminous Ladies.Valainantiel High Queen of the Noldor is on the realmo Of Gladden. The only Essential Requirement is to posses High Female Elf character. Level matters not.

    That would be all.

    Until we meet again.



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