I hope those of you in this forum are better versed in the languages of Tolkien than I am. I also hope one or more of you would be willing to help me translate something that I came across in game. I have been picking at it for some time, trying this and that, but I cannot identify the language. The phrase in question appears during the sacking of Minas Tirith, when Grond breaks the gates of the city.

If you are a fool (like I am) and attack the Witch-King after he enters the city, he says this before the instance automatically fails: "Karwênya walikë kaya! Kaum snai ksart! Yukâlnyë kerchi orkmô!“

It does not look like Black Speech, and I do not think the lord of the Nazgûl would speak Sindarin or Quenya. Does anyone know what this is? Adûnaic? I want to know what this translates to so badly, I have really hit a wall. I would greatly appreciate any help!